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The purpose of this group is to serve parents to raise AMAZING kids. Our goal is to empower you to make the right choices...no trials and errors here. We strive to support you to stay inline with your values and priorities. We offer to help you avoid costly mistakes and optimize your pregnancy, your child's development, and your family's life.

1st-time expecting moms & dads as well as new parents are all welcomed. There is always something to be learned, even by our experienced parents and presenters.

The meetings include healthy tips on how to build a healthy family lifestyle, communicate effectively with your partner, build your supportive social network, as well as develop critical thinking that is necessary for making informed decisions about your child's health and development.

Begin building your family from ground up. Give your children the solid foundation that they need to grow optimally. Best way to do this is to attend one of our regular meetings.

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Bedtime Bootcamp: How to Improve Your Baby/Toddler's Sleep

If you are a parent of a baby or a toddler, then Bedtime Bootcamp: How to Improve Your Baby/Toddler's Sleep is for you!
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Parent Support during Corona Pandemic

Online event

This is a Free, and Covid-19 Free, online event!

Join us for regular weeknight sessions to connect, support, and share ideas that work and help at home.

We will discuss health and lifestyle tips. Education, school, and activities to keep kids healthy, progressing academically at home. Relationship building, parenting techniques, as well as social networking and business and finance ideas.

Bring your concerns, challenges, suggestions, and ideas which might help in these changing times of uncertainty.

We are here to help and come together as a community!

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Partnership & Parenting 101

Online event

3 Keys to Nesting Amazing Kids - (Synchronized Partnership)

Join us for a life changing and fun event.

A brain based approach to raising happy and healthy kids, while having fun.

Discover the keys to a functional family environment where your kids can grow, thrive, and lead full lives.

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Food & Fitness 101

Online event

4 Steps to Lifestyle Fitness Mastery -

Join us for a life changing and fun event.

A brain based approach, using simple and easy daily activities to empower your body to keep up with what you want it to do.

Discover the keys to getting fit, looking fit, and staying fit.

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Food & Fitness 101

Online event

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