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So you're looking for something to do in Boston… You're looking for great events… You're looking to meet new people and make new friends... You're also open to new ideas and trying new things...


Social In Boston is a group organized through the Meetup platform. If you are unfamiliar with Meetup, just think of it as the opposite of Facebook. Facebook is for everyone you already know in real life to connect with you online, whereas Meetup is for a bunch of people you don't know to sign up for an event online and meet up in real life. :)

1. SIB Is A Social Network of Friendly People...

Social In Boston is a social network of friendly people. If your social network has dried up; If you're out of college and your friends have moved on; If your friends are all married; If you and your significant other are looking for to get out there together; If you're new to the city and haven't made any friends yet; If you've never had many friends at all. Whatever it is, you'll find it here. :)

2. SIB Is Also A Fun Activities Group...

We are fun activities group! All of our events take place in public venues, and you are even welcome to bring a friend if it helps you get comfortable. Activities we do include bowling, billiards, social mixers, ice skating, snow tubing, dodgeball, live music shows, museums, dinners, and many more. Many events are free, some events have a small fee, usually $5 to $10. Once in a while we'll have a more expensive event.

There are many large events where the age range is anywhere from 20's to early 40's, it's always a mix and they are always different.

Check out the reviews (http://www.meetup.com/Social-In-Boston/about/comments/?op=all) members of Social In Boston have left and watch the slideshow of photos from our events.

Social In Boston Group Rules:


Your RSVP is your word that you will show up. Please RSVP only when you know you can make it and remember to keep your RSVP up to date if your plans to attend happen to change.

Reasons for this include other members counting on you to show up, showing respect for the organizers efforts, and even the amount of food that gets made for certain events.


Social In Boston only accepts members with clear photo's of their face set as the main photo in their profile. This must be maintained for the duration of your membership. Requests to join from people without proper photo's will be deleted. Photos are required so we know who you are at events and also to cut down on the amount of spam accounts that try to infiltrate the group.


The group is set to filter applicants to prevent the unscrupulous spamming of our members by people that are too lazy to do the real work required to find clients or promote their businesses to.

Upcoming events (5+)


ShowPlace ICON Boston

Movie Night! Join us to go see "HUSTLERS" Tuesday, September 17th 6:pm showing at ShowPlace ICON Boston, 60 Seaport Boulevard, Boston MA. RSVP via EventBrite> bit.ly/WBOPHustlers $7 Dollar Movie Night! Socializing starts 30mins before showtime. Don't miss an evening of Friends, Popcorn, & Fun! ARRIVE EARLY to purchase your ticket or buy on-line to secure your seat with our group! RSVP Victor[masked] to help coordinate our efforts, Feel free to share with family & friends Hosted by #WBOP Follow us on Facebook & IG We are meeting at the theater Bar in the Lobby Our Eventbrite invite is used only to help with gathering members and bring awareness to the event - Registering does not include show time tickets or snacks! This is not a Free Movie Pass! #MovieNight #friends #tuesdays #showplaceicon #seaport #boston #Hustlers #Jlo #CardiB #Ladies

Fluff Festival

Cantina La Mexicana

So, What’s the Fluff? Let's meet inside at the bar of Cantina La Mexicana and the festival will be right outside. Join in the celebration of the 102nd anniversary of Fluff, invented right here in Somerville’s Union Square in 1917 by Archibald Query. The abundance of yummy, fluffy delicacies makes for a true paradise for anyone with an appetite for sweets Locals enjoy it mostly spread on white bread with peanut butter. However, this white, sweet, and gooey substance everyone knows as marshmallow fluff is much more than that and provides a variety of desserts best available at the Fluff Festival happening on the 4th Saturday of September. The 14th annual What the Fluff Festival will feature musical performances, a cooking contest, Fluff-themed games, activities, antics and escapades for every age, and Fluff treats of every sort. This year’s theme—Fluff Travels: All Roads Lead to Fluff—celebrates one of the most culturally rich cities in the nation, paying homage to the many roads traveled to Union Square from all over the world. Saturday, September 21, 2019 (rain date 9/22) https://m.facebook.com/flufffestival/ Union Square, Somerville, Massachusetts 02143

🍁Plaid Party


Goodbye SUMMER and hello FALL time to PARTY!!! Let's get out those PLAID shirts, skirts and dresses as we make new friends. PLAID is the theme not a requirement to party with us. My TIARA will be on OUR table, watch the COMMENTS section for our exact LOCATION. NO COVER all night, Come in and INTRODUCE YOURSELF, the END time is when I leave, NOT when the EVENT ends. I will NOT be responding to ANY messages after 5pm. This is POSTED in 14 other groups with MEMBERS from 21+ to 40+ so come out and PARTYYY!!! Don't forget to TIP your SERVERS.

🍁Fall Fling

Howl at the Moon Boston

It's officially🍁FALL TIME!! lets hang out dance, and meet some new friends. This is NOT a match making event, it's an event for MEMBERS of ALL AGES to get out and MEET like minded individuals to hang out with..... The BAND starts playing at 7pm, NO COVER all night, there's free APPS and drink SPECIALS from 6pm-8pm, tell the DOORMAN your with MEEKA to get your wristband. There's NO dress code it's a BAR, the END time is when I leave, NOT when the EVENT ends. We'll be meeting at the HIGH TABLES left of the entrance, come in and say HELLO, this is POSTED in 14 groups with MEMBERS from ages 21+ to 40+. Don't forget to TIP your SERVERS.

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Casa Caña

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