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Mandarin to English Languages Exchange for Native Speakers
It is a language exchange for advanced/native English speakers and advanced/native Mandarin speakers. If you would like to improve your language proficiency, please join us! PLEASE READ our rules below carefully and seriously before you join!!! How to RSVP? 1a) In order to have equaled numbers of Mandarin & English speakers, please click on "Yes" to join the waitlist first. 1b) Event Host has to know what language you are learning & your mother tongue. Please answer all questions required. If you fail to do so, we are not able to match the languages exchange partners and you cannot get your seat. Even through you submitted your answer before, please answer every time when you RSVP because the event host has no records and cannot remember everyone’s mother tongue and the language he/she is learning. 1c) Going List Only the learners who are on the going list can join the meetup. Your seat is confirmed if you are on the going-list. You will receive an email that notifies you this. The going list would be finalized right after the RSVP is closed. Usually, it is one/half day prior to the meetup day. It will be prioritized by the below criterion: i) attendance history (e.g no show/late cancellation/late arrival records) ii) completion of answers required iii) first come first served basis iv) new joiner 1d) If you cannot attend the meetup, just change your RSVP to NO as soon as you can but don't need to send us message. Otherwise, you will be deemed as" No Show". We may consider removing you from the group. Admission 2) FREE of charge How does it run? 3) It is 2-hour of small group language exchange in Mandarin to English. We will swap the members at the second hour. It is recommended to have first 30 minutes in one language and followed by the opposite language. However, it can be comprised by the group. On the event date 4) On the event date, please leave a comment if you will be late more than 5 minutes. 5) The restaurant does not reserve us the seats. Please be patient if you cannot have the seat at the moment. Thanks for your understanding. IMPORTANT !!!! i) All event hosts are volunteers without any compensation. We do not reply to any questions that have been already clearly mentioned above. Please be considerate and save our valuable time. ii) To protect the event hosts’ privacy,we won't show our numbers here. Should you have any questions, please send a message to the event host via meetup. We reply you ASAP.

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Exchange conversation with a native speaker!!!

If you are learning Chinese or English, whatever your level or aims, we are keen to meet you and help with structuring a path towards your learning goals. If you would like a conversation to identify the learning strategies and strengths that will help motivate your studies, as well as find methods for tackling weaker areas, come and explore the support available in our language meetups.

• Learners of Chinese and English in any level or age, join and...speak the language you are learning with a native speaker.

• Help someone learn your mother tongue.


• How does the Language Exchange work? A face to face conversation exchange (1 on 1/group) in English to Mandarin or Cantonese.

• Is it free? Yes!

• Informal conversation is the main aim, but you may choose to incorporate other activities that assist with each other’s learning in a reciprocal way.

• We meet once or twice a week usually and special events will be arranged occasionally.

About organizer:

SakuRa*~ is the main event organizer and the hosting, and passion for learning and exchanging languages with international friends.

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