• Build Alexa Skills - Multimodal Interfaces (Device with screen)

    91springboard, MG Road

    Build Amazing voice-enabled experience with Alexa for multi-modal device (Voice + Screen based device). This is our first session for screen based device. Note, this is Free event to help community members to learn about Alexa programming and no fees will be charged for this event. In this meetup we will focus on building multi-modal skills for screen based Alexa device. If you are interested to build voice-first and visual experience for multi-modal Alexa devices (for Screen based Alexa device like Echo Show or Echo Spot), then session is definitely for you. Who can attend: + If you have already build skill for screenless devices and want to learn to build multi-modal skill for screen based device. + If you are new to Alexa and want to learn to build skill. We will spend first 30 mins with basic introduction to Alexa for newbies and jump into multi-modal skill construction. Duration : 3 Hours Time: Sat - June 1, 2019 (10 AM to 1 PM) Venue : 91Springboard, MG Road Agenda: + Networking & Welcome + Different types of skills + Alexa programming construct ? + What Is Multimodal skill ? + Why is Multimodal Skill and how different from regular skill ? + Break + How Multimodal skill works? + Design principle for Multimodal skill + Build Multimodal skill by using display Template ? + What is APL (If time permits we will cover APL) + Discussion - Q & A? What you can Expect: + You will get a peek development & publishing of an Alexa-Skill + You will understand Multi-modal concept and how to build skill for multi-modal devices Please note, we have seats only for 70 members, kindly register diligently. 91springboard, MG Road is very close to MG Road Metro Station. Thank you 91springboard, MG Road for being our Venu partner for this event and hosting us. Presenters: + Ilanchezhian Ganesamurthy (Ilan) , EVRY ( https://in.linkedin.com/in/ilanchezhian ) As Cloud Solution Architect, ‘Digital Innovation’ team at EVRY, he helps enterprise customers reinvent their workflows with voice applications. He is based out of Bangalore and actively participates in technology learning/sharing sessions. + Suneet Patil, EVRY ( https://www.linkedin.com/in/suneet-patil/ ) As Lead Developer in Digital Innovation team at EVRY, helps in creating Alexa Skill.