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***** Updated Agenda *****
We are making change to earlier planned agenda. In this meetup, we want to demonstrate how easy to build Alexa Skill without single line of code. #Alexa4All

In this meetup, we will build Alexa Skill without single line of code. Yes, you heard it right. We will use platform (like VoiceFlow), which will help to develop Alexa skill without any lines of code (drag & drop feature). VoiceFlow is one of the famous no-code / low-code development platform to build Alexa skill.

If time permits we will have hands-on workshop where you can build Alex skill by leveraging the VoiceFlow platform. High level agenda is:

1) What are Alexa Skills, and the type of Alexa Skills you can build

2) Building Alexa Skills with Voice Flow & Publishing them(No coding required). Will walk thru step by step process of building Alexa skill.

3) Best Practices for building skills

4) Hands-on workshop (if time permits) where you can also build skills.

If you also want to participate in hands-on workshop, come prepared with the following items. Kindly note this are mandatory and we won't spend time in creating account.

Kindly note, we may not have guest Wi-Fi in WeWork office. Please use your mobile hotspot for internet connectivity.

1) AWS Developer Account (
2) Amazon Developer Account (
3) VoiceFlow Account (

Speaker Bio:

Karthik Ragubathy (Technical Lead at Dabble Lab). Dabble Lab is one of the most recognized company in voice skill development. Karthik and his team from Dabble lab are developing skills from 2016 onwards. They have developed 100s of skills for enterprise customer and consumers and created many videos in YouTube (from 2016 onwards) for Alexa skill development. They are headquartered in USA and he is leading the Nagpur development centre.


***** Old Agenda (currently we are not sticking to this) *****

Delighted to announce another edition of Alexa Meetup.

Note, this is Free event to help community members to learn about Alexa programming and no fees will be charged for this event.

In past two meetups, we have covered the basic of Alexa. Earlier we have built skill from scratch (in 1 hour) by explaining all the concepts behind it. Video of skill built in past meetup :

This meetup we will focus on Intermediate topic.

Few Topics which will be covered are :
1) Slots and slots validation
2) To connect with third party backend system thru API call and Alexa readout the message.
3) Multi- turn conversation.

For the newbie we may give brief overview based on the audience.

Pre-requisite : Software Development / Basic knowledge of Alexa Skill Development.

Duration : 3 Hours
Time: Sat - Jan 5, 2019 (10 AM to 1 PM)
Venue : WeWork EGL

Agenda :
+ Networking & Welcome
+ Overview.
+ Walk-through Slots and slots validation
+ Multi-turn conversation

+ Break

+ Connect with backend system thru API.
+ Insert record into backend database and read from it.
+ Discussions - Q&A

We will build skill from scratch by using NodeJS.


+ Ilanchezhian Ganesamurthy (Ilan) , EVRY ( )
As Cloud Solution Architect, ‘Digital Innovation’ team at EVRY, he helps enterprise customers reinvent their workflows with voice applications.
He is based out of Bangalore and actively participates in technology learning/sharing sessions.

+ Suneet Patil, EVRY ( )
As Senior Developer in Digital Innovation team at EVRY, helps in creating Alexa Skill.

Feel free to connect with us, if you need more info.