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Architecture and Deployment (alternative)

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The next Perth AWS User Group meetup is scheduled for 17th Nov. Following on from last time in this meetup we'll be discussing more real world situations.

Synclabs is sponsoring our location which is ... Synclabs in Leederville.

I'm still looking for someone who would like to take us through how they re-designed an existing system or how they changed the way they design their applications to make best use of AWS. The focus would be on real applications under real constraints. You know, the application that should really be better built, better designed and better deployed but like all of us you operate on a budget in both time and money. We've all read the ideal application architecture and strive for it, but lets face it, that sometimes just doesn't happen.

Failing anyone stepping forward up I'll take you through my own journey from monolithic dedicated server to cloud mystery machine.

Alistair Irvine will present his solution to deploying code to AWS without using code deploy.


6/663 Newcastle Street · Leederville