AWS Wellington User Group - #12 - Rekognition and Automation

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Welcome to AWS Wellington User Group meetup #12

This is the first event for the year! We've secured the Adam Auditorium once again, so come along early to make sure you get a spot.

We have selected the time from 4.00pm to 5.30pm to allow for those that have to leave early to still come along to the group.

Presentation 1: Jethro Carr - Bad actors in the real world.

We all pay careful attention to cybersecurity, but what about malicious threat actors in the real world? In this presentation, Jethro will demonstrate the use of various off-the-shelf AWS products such as Rekognition and Lambda to (relatively) quickly build a system capable of detecting unwanted humans loitering around your layer one infrastructure.

Lightning Talk: Terence White - Lambda with Java

What use is Lambda if we are a traditional development shop with Java developers who know desktop or Enterprise Edition? There are lots of examples of using Node.js and Python code in Lambda, but not so much on the Java and C# side. Hear Terence talk about his experiences with Java for Lambda and API Gateway in personal projects, including an analysis of mistakes made along the way - so you don't have to.

Presentation 2: Ben Fellows - Enterprise cloud adoption

Ben talks about his love/hate relationship with Enterprises and how he has learnt through his experience some of the keys to a successful Enterprise cloud migration using Automation. He'll cover CloudFormation, CI Tools, APIs, SDKs, and practical real world examples from NZ, Australia and USA. Ben will also talk about the challenges you can expect when the two worlds of traditional Enterprise IT and Cloud collide. The Cloud Adoption Framework is an essential tool in helping Enterprise customers embrace the 'cloud way' with CI, Automation, and Serverless.

See you all there!