Monthly Meetup - October


Welcome to our Monthly Meetup - October

BNZ are sponsoring the venue for us. Thank you! :-)

4:30 - 4.45pm Session 1 - AWS UG Updates from the Committee
4.50 - 5.10pm Session 2 - The Cloud Giants and Strategic Choices
5.15 - 5.30pm Session 3 - Deploying Go Web Apps and a Go Server on Amazon EC2
5.30pm - Pizza / Drinks

Session 1:
Quick update from the AWS User Group Committee Members

Session 2:
Name: Sebastian Krueger
Talk Title: The Cloud Giants and Strategic Choices
Position: Cloud Engineering Partner at Deloitte New Zealand

Speaker Bio:
Sebastian serves as the Cloud Engineering Leader for Deloitte New Zealand. Sebastian brings a proven track record in leading the delivery of advanced AWS solutions. As a leader and technologist, Sebastian enjoys building high performing teams that delivers outstanding client results, especially focused on Cloud solutions - supported by all 9x AWS Certifications. Sebastian enjoys evangelising the latest technology trends, especially how customers can benefit as early adopters. Prior to joining Deloitte New Zealand as Partner, Sebastian was Executive Director and Co-Founder of API Talent. In March, 2018 API Talent was acquired by Deloitte, New Zealand.

Talk Overview:
How are the Cloud Giants like Amazon Web Services evaluated by their customers? How does one choose a cloud vendor in the first place?

I will cover 5 key areas that our clients face early on in their cloud journey.
1. At the very start, how do I actually contractually partner with a Cloud Vendor? A review of the contract terms with your chosen Cloud Provider is necessary to understand the shared responsibilities and the rights of the client.
2. How far up the cloud stack do we go? The technology continues to evolve and cloud is turning into an ecosystem of end-to-end building blocks. Do you embrace all services? I will introduce the concept of a Minimum Viable Cloud (MVC).
3. Do I enable Portability through Containerisation? At the surface it seems containerisation brings a level of abstraction and the promise of seamless multi-cloud integration.
4. How much do I change as I adopt? Does migrating an app to cloud imply I must shift to NoOps? What position do I take on transformation during adoption?
5. What are the cloud financial implications? Cloud has significant implications to traditional IT financial models. Navigating these is of utmost priority.

Session 3:
Name: Edmon 'The Programmer' Sebit
Talk Title: Deploying Go Web Apps and a Go Server on Amazon EC2
Position: Software Engineer

Speaker Bio:
My name is Edmon. I am a Software Engineer from Denver, Colorado. I do my work in Python and Java and now I started learning Go. I have been living in Wellington for about a year now. I’m the founder of “Edmon the Programmer”. I created “Edmon the Programmer” to support me when traveling. I do contract work and travel.The last project I worked on was for BioGro New Zealand. I worked for BioGro New Zealand as a Database Specialist doing Data Integrity with Python. Currently, I am working on independent projects.

Talk Overview:
My target audience for this talk are Juniors and mid-level developers. Go (Golang) is an open source programming language that makes it easy to build simple, reliable and efficient software. It has a syntax similar to C (C the programming language). Some argue Go is the Server and cloud computing language. This project is about putting together what I learned and my on-going learning with Go and programming in-general. I have experience developing web applications using Python, Django, Amazon RDS and AWS Elastic Beanstalk. Also, I created websites using Drupal and Apache Web Sever on VPSs. I felt spending time learning a complied programming similar to C would be a good thing to know. I will talk about the Go web apps I created, writing a Server in Go and running it on Amazon EC2. I will have a PowerPoint, explain some parts of the source codes and a demo.