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What we’re about

AWR meet ups are actually live raptor education presentations that The American Wildlife Refuge (AWR) does for the public and are attended by quite a few people. The events are often part of a larger event hosted by someone who asks us there.  The larger events sometimes have fees, and sometimes do not.  Those fees, if any, are listed in the meet up description of the individual meet up.

Many of the AWR meet ups are refuge volunteers standing in front of a large crowd and talking, and others are us set up in a festival somewhere and people walking by and learning about the birds.

We also have classes and cover dish events that are more like the 'classic meet up' events, where no one but the group is involved. The majority of our meet ups are presentations about our birds to the public.

The American Wildlife Refuge is a raptor rescue and nature education center. Our (501c3) all volunteer charity holds one of only 22 Raptor Rehab licenses in North Carolina. We rescue Eagles, Hawks, Owls, Falcons, Kites, Vultures, and Blue Herons.

We have a small flock of non releasable birds we bring to locations for educational presentations and charity shows. We also teach about the birds in nature, and in rehab with our live ambassadors.

This group will be a way for volunteers and friends of the refuge to find out about events and to join us in helping these magnificent animals.  If you join this group, you are a friend of the refuge.  If you want to volunteer, you need to contact one of the organizers and they will help you.