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Welcome - Now You have finally arrived  -- Feel Safe, sit down and take the load off your feet -- Read on...

Entrepreneurship permeates the culture of Seattle, the Silicon Forest of Puget Sound region, and the whole of the Pacific Northwest and Washington State in general along with our brethren in Vancouver BC and in Portland Oregon. 

Seattle is the innovation capital of the world, even though some folks down south in Nor-Cali claim that title goes with Silicon Valley. Except that it really doesn't matter, because if you ask me -- the two regions cooperate closely but it is Seattle the place where a hundred years ago great "innovation" companies were created. Companies like Boeing Aerospace, United Airlines, United Technologies, Paccar, Avista, Peterbuilt, Kenworth, First National Bank, Nordstrom, Weyerhaeuser, Pope Resources, Filson's, and hundred others -- whereas in Silicon valley they started building smart and "innovative" companies only fifty or sixty years ago... 

Here is the top 100 companies started in Seattle 100 years ago and still going strong: 

Taking a startup from an idea to growth and scale and all the way to an IPO, has taken on mythical proportions down in Silicon Valley, but here in Seattle it's an everyday type of thing. We do this thing quietly and regularly and we don't make a big deal about it... But then again maybe we should be advertising ourselves more except that then all the Californians are gonna start coming up here and we don't want that. Right? 

Today many people dream the dream, with hopes of launching the "next big thing" whether it's an airplane company, like William Boeing did a hundred years ago, or the best clean energy that Avista started producing 127 years ago, or an internet bookstore like Jeff Bejos did when he built Amazon twenty five years ago...

And we still create the American Dream today and every day , right here in beautiful Seattle and the Pacific Northwest, where the weather keeps our nose in the grinding wheel, and we work with passion for new company building ideas, that solve big problems, and bring about social and market change. And along the way this group of American Business Angels is one of the many communities that help people succeed in all walks of Life, Commerce, and Enterprise. 

We do this because we are a community of entrepreneurs, technologists, scientists, academics, CEOs, financial professionals, CFOs, business people, journalists & business news writers, venture capitalists, business angels, investors, attorneys, consultants, and corporate executives.

And along the way we meet regularly to share resources, exchange ideas, and network. We participate in both on-line and off-line events, and we help each other to make any company succeed.

Our events feature StartUp Companies, CEO pitches, expert speakers, Founder & Co-Founder matchmaking, business & networking opportunities, collaboration, community, and fellowship.

This is an educational community about Angel Investing and Startups. We organize meetings and we share the StartUps we invest into.  We are a Group of People fanatical about Innovation and Progress through Science, Technology, and Business. It is a small and closed community of adept investors willing to share, educate, and engage in Best Practices for the Excellence of our Startups. 

And as it turns out, we also put our money where our mouth is.

By joining -- you designate Yourself as an Angel Investor, and as someone willing to learn and to be able to place bets of "Risk Capital" on young Companies towards their growth. This is a high risk came and you must be a qualified investor and an educated one at that - if you are to become a long term investor...

This is a self regulated Business Angel group, and there is a tacit agreement that You make with the rest of the Angel Community here. The agreement is that You are accepted as a Self described Angel Investor based on what the SEC describes as "Angel Investor". These SEC regulations are evolving and we recommend that you study the appropriate provisions at the SEC website:

By continuing into the website and engaging with the American Angels, you admit that you are a Business Angel Investor and have the disposable income, the risk capital, and the required capital as the SEC rules dictate, in order to be able to support StartUp companies. In any event if that is not the case, and if you do not fulfill the requirements to be an Angel Investor, or if for any reason, you are unable to afford to lose the Capital invested in the high risk StartUp Investment Game - please leave now.  

Up to the minute SEC rules and regulations are published, and you can read up on the latest and up-to-the-minute information regarding JOBS Act regulations and implementation that can be located and consulted at the SEC website: 

Now as Angels -- we put our money where our mouth is, and we invest in young companies that Innovate and Disrupt our world, through powerful goods and services, that define our mercantile nation and the whole world. But that means taking humongous risks. The reason we call this Risk Capital is because we are always at risk to lose the entire amount of the risk capital invested in those early stage companies, since most Startups don't even survive the first years of their existence. 

Next, we insist that You can only join our community of Angel Investors -- after careful examination of the relevant SEC rules and regulations, and after serious consideration of your financial status, and family economic obligations, along with the  approval of your spouse, and accountant. So if all that is lined up and you can confirm that you qualify as a Business Angel Investor -- proceed onwards. 

If that is not the case -- please leave now.

Thank You.

Now it appears that you are still around and reading on...

So you are a self described Angel Investor after all. 

That only means that You state and agree that indeed YOU are an entitled Angel Investor according to the rules of the SEC, and Common Sense. And you further state that you can afford to lose all of the risk capital that you have allocated, and have put aside for the purpose -- without impacting your family's Life in any adverse way. Risk Capital is generally considered to be a tiny percentage of your capital structure, and is the portion of the Capital that you can easily afford to lose, without any changes on your mainstay capital, or in your lifestyle and your family's accustomed conditions of living. 

Because by reading this far and also by proceeding into this website and into the community -- You confirm to us that you are a Qualified Angel Investor, and you consider that based on your Financial Strategy You might be willing to invest in the early stage Startup companies -- then it's your choice to comply with the SEC rules and continue in joining our community in order to get to know us... because this is an educational community above all else.

So go ahead and join our educational community, and share the StartUps you've invested into with the rest of us -- but make certain that you've read the SEC regs, you've done your Accounting, and that you are an Angel in good standing. Then we  will also include you in our educational monthly meetings, teaching and learning by practice through the "old school" art of getting to choose wisely the Good StartUps amongst the scrapheap that's out there. 

Educate yourself here and by doing this we can hope that we can help support the next Great Companies as we grow together as a Community of Angels. Just be aware that Common Sense always trumps any investment fad & fashion, and that you need to be a value investor to the StartUps you choose to play with. 

There is a lot of education going on here in this group, and in every meeting, but it goes without saying that you also need to educate yourself through diligent reading. There are a lot of books written on the subject of Angel Investing and the best ones are still these three: 1) "A guide to The Intelligent Investor"  2) "Security Analysis" and 3) "The Wealth of Nations"

A good reader, and a careful analyzer, is always a good investor. And as it turns out a good investor is also a great angel. Economic theory and business acumen apply to all businesses regardless of how young, or old, they might be. Basic Accounting and Proper Business Processes always apply. Reason trumps Exuberant Optimism. Logic doesn't favor FOMO. Investing for the long term is what value investing is all about. Angel investing is indeed a long term play. Read these three books first, before you even consider making a single play and then you can start reading more contemporary books about Early Stage Finance, Startups, Economic Analysis, etc.  Read these  three books, because they are a Good Guide: 1) "The Intelligent Investor"  2) "Security Analysis" and 3) "The Wealth of Nations"  Read these three and keep on reading many more, if you want to become a Good Investor, able to see value or the lack of it, in any equity investment, at any stage of development, and at any Company, you choose to consider... 

Read the books and our blog, and make your careful analysis based on dynamic information. And just make sure that you never forget that these Economic Rules, the Investment Rules, and the Business Rules prescribed in these books, always apply.  Even if at times the effect of these rules seems to take place slower than expected, because of hype and hubris. The basic investment rules are here, because they always seem to apply, very much like Gravity does. No need to test gravity by jumping out of the window. Trust me -- it works. 

Apply the general economic and investing knowledge to your Angel Business Practice and You'll be a far better business Investor by reading these books. Read the three: 1) "The Intelligent Investor"  2) "Security Analysis" and 3) "The Wealth of Nations" and You'll be rewarded, because the best Angels always invest in themselves via education first. Then comes the need to stress & spread, their investments around. First stress & spread, your own brain and expand your mind, in order to be able to learn. Education is worth far more than anyone of your investments long term and short term alike.   Do this and you'll be grateful to me, to us, and to the community, we built here. Read the books and bone up on our subject matter, and if you still feel like joining us in order to learn how to invest in young StartUp Companies that might change the course of your Life and improve the State of our World -- Please Do come along as an educated fellow...

Come along, learn, and play.

Join us as we Connect Angel Investors with StartUps, and Entrepreneurs across the world and in your City.   

Innovation is our Game and Capital is our tool to play. We take business seriously and follow old school traditional economics of value investment seeking valuable returns, to bring change in our society. Or as our old friend Winnie used to say: 

“Without tradition, business is a flock of sheep without a shepherd. Without innovation, it is a corpse.”

 – Winston Churchill

The American Angels group is an organization that facilitates interactions between individual accredited Angel investors and StartUp CEOs and local entrepreneurs through Member networking in our monthly meetings and biweekly educational presentations. 

If you are a StartUp, or a CEO seeking to built your business with Angel Capital, or if You are fundraising currently, or simply if you want to find talented cofounders, Mentors, Supporters, or Angel Investors -- join us. 

And if you want to present in front of the best community of Angel Investors -- send us an email here, and we will appraise your Chances and then invite you up to present at the next Pitch&Demo event in your City and at the earliest opportunity. 

Accredited Investors and CEOs are invited to participate by joining, attending and perhaps presenting in one of our upcoming monthly Networking or Pitch&Demo events, and we encourage investors, entrepreneurs, and professionals, to become active Members of this MeetUp in order to gain the benefit of the Angel Street Cred, and to receive the Angel and Funded Company Status & Education as well. 

We have made a massive effort to streamline and simplify the investment process and help you succeed. There is a whole lot of information here and on our website, and we are rather happy to speak with you to answer any questions that you may have. 


On June 19th 2015, the Securities and Exchange Commission will implement Title IV of the JOBS Act which will let startups in America raise up to $50M from accredited investors and non-accredited investors, for the first time in 80 years. 


Let the Games begin...

Please remember that this Group charges NOTHING to the Startups to pitch&demo or to the Angels to participate in any of our Angel Conferences and Investor Meetings. 

This is the original old School Darwinian level playing field that brings Liquidity and Success to all the StartUp Companies and allows Angel to invest early and easily - without the Intermediation of consultants and service providers. 

With the assistance of the new SEC rulings, we are disrupting the moribund Angel Investment Community in many ways and you can become part of it. We can now crowdsource up to $ 50 Million USD for worthy StartUps and it all starts here at the monthly Angel Conference that we call Pitch&Demo Night.

Come join us because this is a Group made up of accredited Angel Capital Investors, regularly investing in Science & Technology, in BioMedical & BioTech, in Internet & Mobile, in B2B & SAAS, and in all bleeding edge StartUp companies throughout the United States, but especially in Seattle, in San Francisco, in New York, in LA, and in the Boston area.

We are a congregation of Early Stage Funders, who provide Angel and Early Stage Finance, to accomplished Founders who lead interesting StartUps. All who join this Group declare themselves as Angel Investors and accredited individual investors, according to the new SEC regulations that were released this June 19th. 

Our effort is imply to network the Angel Investors with the tartUp Founders, and provide a green field for Founders and Funders to meet, greet, hear each other and play on. Or better yet, we provide a Darwinian level playing field, for people to meet and compete. 

We offer Companies and Angel Investors the Opportunity to meet and transact and we offer simple guidelines and documents that are crowdsourced to accommodate on the spot exchange with a simple one page "Term Sheet / Cap Table" document. 

For the StartUp founders, we offer a simple venue to pitch and we  never charge anything for our services, nor for the companies to participate and pitch, nor for the introductions to the best Angels Investors the World over. 

We offer all of our Goodness for FREE because we believe in investor education and that we should be making our "money" the old fashioned way, by earning it when we fund New Companies and they grow to scale, and become the darlings of the Markets, so that we can exit with glorious returns.

We also occasionally offer the original StartUp Weekend, that is the Weekend Master Class that Dr Kroko has been offering for the last two decades across the world. More than a Thousand companies have been created through this process, and quite a few of these are still active and winning the Market place by offering much needed goods and innovative services to the market place.

We place together good human capital with appropriate domain expertise, with great IP and a good Teacher and we graduate ten to twenty StartUps each time  we hold our StartUp Weekends. We've been offering this Accelerator Master Class in various Universities across the globe since 1989, and we still do. 

If You want to create a Great Startup and become part of a Great Founding Team -- try to catch the next Innovation Master Class StartUp Weekend right here... 

Many great companies have been created through this process. The very first iteration of Twitter was created through Dr Kroko Startup Weekend Master Class in Stanford University several years ago. Many others have been created as well... and we are still doing this a few times every year. 

Express your specific interest to join the next Innovation Master Class StartUp Weekend, and we'll include you in our midst...

And that's all we do. 

We simply educate the Community, create the best Startups and write the fastest checks in America... 

But the companies have to make sense in their pitch&demo and they have to come empowered with a simple Ex-Sum, and Term Sheet, that allows investors to transact the very same night exchanging Checks for Equity.

We are also a Network of Accredited Investors, and Qualified individuals, that are "able" to invest in StartUps, as defined by the JOBS Act passed in Congress in 2012, and signed by the President of the United States into law, and as applied though the relevant SEC regulations and rulings relevant to StartUp Investors and early stage company finance. We also adhere to the State of Washington SCORE financial regulations that allow for companies incorporated locally -- to raise significant amounts of capital through equity sales. It is important to follow all of the investment regulations within the United States Union, or even within the specific State, and within the State of Washington, or your own domicility.  

The Seattle and American Angels are all about the earliest startup capital, and about the Early & Seed Stage Fundraising, of Technology and Science StartUps. We do this as an Ecosystem builder., through the usual practice of build and keep on building. And we "get" it. We also "get" the role of the Entrepreneur / Founder, as the valued Ecosystem creator, and the role of the Funders and Investors as Supporters of the ecosystem -- and not the other way around.

We are therefore focused on the Education of both Founders and Funders in order to provide relevant up to the minute information about the Investment landscape, the rules and regulations of the SEC, the winning System of Risk Analysis, and the Metrics of Success by investing in many and multiple sector early StartUps, while easily complying with Tax Accounting and profit sharing in observance of all the federal and state rules and regulations.

Up to the minute SEC rules and regulations are published, and you can read up on the latest and up-to-the-minute information regarding JOBS Act regulations and implementation that can be located and consulted at the SEC website: 

This Angels Network, is also the official MeetUp representative of the Network of Angels, as was founded originally by Dr Kroko, in London, Seattle, Silicon Valley, Beijing, Shanghai, and across the world. 

This is the one place in Seattle and the Pacific Northwest where you can practice the ancient Art of Arbitrage in the Equity of early stage companies in the Tech, Biotech, and BioMedicine business. 

This is the only Biotech, Genetics, Bioinformatics, BioMedicine, and early stage Pharma company, "MeetUp" where you get Angel Finance for illiquid early stage StartUp Equity. 

It is also the only "dealroom" for early stage BioTech. We are here for early M&A, and to offer a trusted, open, and transparent Network for Founders and Funders, in Seattle and the Pacific Northwest.

Early Stage Fundings, Scaling up and Pivoting as well as early stage Mergers & Acquisitions are happening all the time but very rarely in the early stage StartUp world. We aim to change that...

Early in 2014 the WASHINGTON state Governor Jay Inslee, signed the proposed crowdfunding House Bill "HB 2023" into law -- making equity Crowdfunding fully legal within Washington State, and giving startups an innovative new way to raise funds. Under the new and fully supported bipartisan measure, a Washington State business should be able to raise up to $1 million a year from Washington investors by selling securities of relatively small value as Equity stakes. 

This exciting piece of legislation will certainly change the way entrepreneurs fund their companies in the future within Washington State, but there is a lot more to it than just creating your Crowdfunding campaign, because it strengthens the Tech, the Biotech, and the BioMedicine, startup focus of the Pacific Northwest. And this was the intention of the Legislators when they wrote the house bill and voted it into Law. 

So in response, and anticipating changes -- we created this community to help Biotech, BioMedicine, and Life Science and Health-Tech StartUp Founders, Business owners, and Early stage Funders, a way to find and invest as ANGEL INVESTORS in young and healthy StartUps. 

This community is not about getting rich quickly.

Quite the opposite... 

You'll spend a lot of money on "education" and then maybe you'll get lucky in the long term. 

We take no shortcuts and we remind everyone that "Value Investing" is the only thing that works long term towards the creation of prosperity, jobs, wealth, and a healthy society. We visualize this Community to have this as our Reason of Being. To create long term Economic Wealth for the whole country is our Purpose. Wealth creation your city and neighborhood... And the individual wealth creation follows that purpose. 

As we all know when the tide comes in -- everybody's boat is lifted.

We strive to bring in the tide, by creating liquid markets where none existed prior to our arrival, especially for the earliest stage StartUps. We also offer the Innovation Master Class Weekend of StartUp Creation in all of our Innovation centers, in our major Cities, and in all of our important Universities.  We'll bring in the teachings, the general education, the IP, and the necessary Capital, in order to raise up and elevate everybody's boat.  

That is why we created this Community. And that is our purposeful mission Statement: "Create long term Wealth through Startups." 

This is Why we Do This. 

Yet we also envision this community as  a way to connect the Angels, the CEOs and Founders, with Co-Founders, and early Team members. This is a very valuable utility for this Meetup, because we all need fresh Team members in the high burn rate of the new and fast moving teams of the Life Science, the Biotech, the Bioengineering, the new Pharma, the BioMedicine world, and all the other Startups that interject the world of Computer Science, Life Science, Consumer Business, Enterprise, and Software blended with a healthy dose of entrepreneurship.

Domain Expertise is also crucial and thus we seek the Domain Experts, the Graduates, the PHDs, the Doctors, and the Researchers, in the high scientific knowledge pursuits, along with the Resource providers, to join up as Co-Founders in the StartUps we create. This is how we get the spirited StartUp teams of the Computer Sciences, the Mathematics, the Big Data, the Life Sciences, the Statisticians, the software nerds, the coders, the developers, and the experts in all of the related Science fields, to become parts of Founder Teams and put their skills to work, in exchange for a healthy stake of Equity in a New and Exciting Business. 

Whether this is a Software business, an Internet App, a Communications Company, a Mobile App, a complex New pharmaceutical Company, a BioTech startup, an SAAS company, and Enterprise software company, or even a Space company -- we will make combinations with talent & capital, and through syndications with other StartUps, with established businesses, and with well heeled institutions, in order to foster growth. We couple companies with large enterprises from the major Internet and software companies, all the way to the FinTech companies, and the Big Pharma and everything in between.

Of course internet companies are our main expertise and we work hard to keep our leading edge on this field... wherever it intersects with all other fields of study as well.  Our Exits prove tis to be a correct decision.

The American Angels Network is also the ideal Meeting Place to find all the Business Resources you need to move the needle forward, and launch into the great world of scale and that is why we invite all the Resource providers, from Lawyers, Bankers, and Financiers, to join up and share their wealth of knowledge and experience. 

We occasionally focus on M&A activities that build synergistic deals, that in turn help companies grow in strategic ways that could not be possible without the instant scale the M & A activity provides. 

This is also a good place to find a business early equity, to buy, or sell. This is a corner of the net where you can spin your StartUp and turn it into cash and resolve your illiquid equity, into something liquid, or into something bigger, better, or more useful. 

So start Networking Your Business, by sharing your StartUp with all the other people here, in order to Improve your performance Metrics, validate your company, find the Expertise necessary, and resolve to buy & sell your company's equity, or to simply acquire another StartUp. 

This is ultimately the place, to make money, boost your Career, and Reward your Talents for building intelligent StartUp companies. 

For the Startup company Founder and the Angel in all of us, it is also a great place to find StartUp Traction & Scale Capital, and to to seek useful investment partners.

For the seasoned entrepreneur this is the best place to announce your company building milestone events, to recruit talent, to find acquisition opportunities and to provide Mentoring.

For the seasoned StartUpper, this is also the best way to schedule an event where you can showcase your skills of Leadership.

By sharing your talents in a useful and educational event for the community -- you can find all sorts of cohorts, because this is the ultimate Meet, greet, and network place in Seattle and across America for the early stage StartUp M & A activity and for our  communal growth.

This is the place to practice M & A by playing StartUp Monopoly with other talented local Business experts from all over Seattle, Puget Sound, and Washington state, as well from across America, every Friday afternoon, in order to acquire M & A knowledge and thus built up and support your StartUp Enterprise and Innovative Empire building. 

The American Business Angels Network supports all Entrepreneurs, C-level execs and Makers, Builders, and Hi-Tec Leaders, by bringing you in touch with Resource providers & Business Experts -- who can make the M & A possible through access to out Investment Bankers and opportunities for expansion via the amazing synergies of Merger & Acquisition activities we sponsor.

We also organize frequent Investment Banking, Early Stage Seed Funding, and Strategic Venture Capital network events always with an eye towards SYNERGIES and M & A possibilities to create efficiencies, jobs, growth, and wealth.

Our MeetUps are all co-organized with the Business Angels of our community for Talent & Career placement with StartUp companies we have funded, or companies we share equity interest in, or have ventured. 

And we also work in cooperation with the development departments and the heads of Seattle's biggest employers, such as Amazon, Microsoft, Costco, Port of Seattle, Boeing, Zillow, RedFin, T-Mobile, Seattle Wireless, and the local outfits of Google, Facebook, Apple, Space-X, etc. 

Our meetings provide, direct access to the Leaders, and we also offer leadership, opportunities for coaching, advising, networking, sharing information, and work openings as well a business opportunities from both local and global partners. 

We also have small group expeditions to the small annual gatherings of CEOs and Investment Bankers, like the Allen & Co gathering of CEOs in Sun Valley Idaho, or the Aspen Summer gathering, and the Montana Ted Turner meeting, or even to the big fairs and exhibitions with international programs for business development to help you succeed in the US and in China. 

This is our own Chamber of Commerce as we transact a lot of M & A business between Seattle's main Street, Wall Street, the City of London, and China's Beijing Financial Street. 

We also gather once a week at the Seattle International Rotary lunch, or the downtown Rotary and participate as Speakers WHEREVER THE OPPORTUNITY IS OFFERD in order to discuss the current Angel Investment trends, such as the JOBS ACT, or the proposed TPPI trade agreement, or even the TARP negotiations, and the Trade deals that create opportunities, through state and national legislation, business deals, lobby events, and to share our own business deals and liquidity events, within the AMERICAN ANGELS NETWORK and outside as well... 

In our American Angels meetings, we always exchange tips, offer mentorship, share experiences, and network with all the other Entrepreneurial Business Professionals of Seattle practicing the Art of International Ethical Business.

We also follow the ethical practice of Kaizen, and we are always improving, excelling, and perfecting our business; while sharing and enlarging our network. 

We absolutely always bring Deal Referrals, Opportunities, and Business exchanges, to our fellow members, and we expect the same honorable practice to be upheld by all.

We believe and practice the Business Philosophy of a Shared Business Economy.

We believe in Cooperation. 

We follow the system of Rotary Support. 

Here is the place to meet other local network professionals from all over the Seattle and Puget Sound area, and from all the Hi-Tec and Low-Tec Industries in order to discuss our common Progress. 

We act like the Chamber of Commerce in terms of Governance. 

We support Your own Business Ideas, and share the pathways and the Strategies for SUCCESS> 

This is also the best place to find co-founders, partners, co-workers, share office space, home business support, co-working space, referral bulletin boards and all things that make a Business Network and a Corporation profitable. 

We all gather to discuss current trends, share valuable tips about growth companies, undiscovered StartUps, and to share intelligent experiences.

We meet once a week, at the Seattle Rotary club to network with other people interested in Business, and willing to Organize and Mentor each other for Best Business Practices within the Network, and for Impact Capitalism and Philanthropy towards the Outside...


Join up and network your Business to put in motion the Network effect and grow our own piece of the pie by baking a far greater pizza-pie for all of us.

Go ahead and schedule a MeetUp for your Business right here - right NOW - to take advantage of the power of the Network, and the most active Organizers will be invited to the annual CEO gathering in Sun Valley Idaho. 

This is a Group about Angel Capital Investing in Science and Technology StartUps.

We are a congregation of Early Stage Funders, who provide Angel and Early Stage Finance, to accomplished Founders who lead interesting StartUps. 

We are a Network of Accredited Investors and Qualified individuals "able" to invest in StartUps as defined by the JOBS Act passed in Congress and signed by the President of the United States, and as applied though the relevant SEC regulations and rulings relevant to StartUp Investors. 

The Seattle Angels are all about the Seed Stage Fundraising of StartUps as an Ecosystem builder.

We are focused on the Education of both Founders and Funders in order to provide relevant up to the minute information about the Investment landscape, the rules and regulations of the SEC, the winning System of Risk Analysis, and the Metrics of Success by investing in many and multiple sector early StartUps, while easily complying with Tax Accounting and profit sharing in observance of State of Washington rules and the federal regulations.

Up to the minute SEC rules and regulations are published and you can read up on the latest and up-to-the-minute information regarding JOBS Act regulations and implementation that can be located and consulted at the SEC website: 

This Angels Network, is also the official MeetUp representative of the Network of Angels, as was founded originally by Dr Kroko, in London, Seattle, Silicon Valley, Beijing, Shanghai, and across the world. 

Here are some of his views on the subject of ANGEL INVESTING as expressed in his couple of relevant books written on the subject of Investment in StartUp Finance:

The Global Angel Network is the definitive professional Networking event for StartUp founders, Accredited Investor, Venturers and Investors where you are welcome to join entrepreneurs , startups and investors and share ideas, knowledge, and positive discussion of the startup process. Our goal is to help all the startup founders, entrepreneurs, and Angel investors, to connect and to make faster progress in the evolving business that each and every Start Up represents.

But above all else this is a Networking Meetup and an Event Calendar for Entrepreneurs, where we share Best Practices, offer Support, and a Community Development 'Sandbox" where all of you are invited to come and play. 

This MeetUp is also rather democratic so that anyone and everyone who ha some worthwhile Value to share, is welcome to organize an event, schedule it, and announce it to the community.

You could also just report events of interest to the general Angel community frequenting this blog. 

This could become the local Craigslist for Angel Capital events, so please update the calendar with all related events in Seattle and in the Eastside area and beyond.

Once a Month we also organize the famous "Angel Party" in downtown Seattle, as the "Pitch & Demo" with the Talent and Founders networking Speedating event all rolled into one.

As an Example here is a snapshot of a past Angel Investment pitch&demo Party held in Seattle's "Silicon Forest" in downtown Pioneer Square...

Pitch & Demo Night: How to Raise Capital

Friday, March 27, 2013 
7:00 PM to 10:00 PM 

Fado Pub.
1st Ave. Pioneer Square,
Seattle WA

Pitch & Demo Night: How to raise capital for your startup:

Join the SEATTLE ANGELS & the Startup Entrepreneurs community, for an evening of demos and learning! Learn from investors and founders on how to raise capital from your startup. How to raise money from investors? What will change in the capital market this year? How can you secure funding before Q3? How did these fundable founders do when they were raising money? Where to start if you want to bring your startup from the US to the World? If you have one of those questions, then this is the night for you! Welcome all startups! It is time to meet with some of our investors and fundable founders.

== Speakers ==
Dr Kroko and the SEC representative, speaking on the JOBS Act Angel Funding and Crowdfunding provisions of the Law for the benefit of the StartUps.
Specifically, Title III amends existing law to exempt certain crowdfunding activities—that is, the use of internet and social media to raise relatively small individual investments from a large number of investors—from registration with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). While these provisions potentially create a much larger pool of startup investors, Title III also significantly restricts the scope of lawful crowdfunding and establishes new disclosure and other compliance requirements for crowdfunding issuers and intermediaries.
Notably, Title III:
• Limits the total amount raised via crowdfunding to $1 million per issuer, per year;
• Limits the total amount sold to any individual investor to a percentage of the investor’s net worth or annual income (for example, an investor with an annual income of $50,000 and a net worth of $100,000 may only be issued $5,000 worth of securities during any 12-month period);
• Requires that crowdfunding transactions be conducted through a qualified broker or funding portal that complies with new disclosure, investor education, anti-fraud and privacy regulations; and
• Requires crowdfunding issuers to disclose detailed information about their finances, operations and uses of capital....  .... .... ....   ..... ....


==Pitches & Demos ==
A Dozen Local StartUp CEOs "Pitch & Demo" their StartUp Company, "Old School Style" in the Public, with a strong voice, without Power Points,  without microphones, and in a crowded room full of Investors and other hot StartUppers. And there is also beer, wine, & ale... and the amazing Angel-tini to lubricate the Term Sheets and the checkbooks and get parties to transact.

== Agenda ==
7:00 pm Doors Open (food & networking)
7:30 pm Opening Remarks
7:35 pm Speaker
7:45 pm Speaker
8:00 pm Twelve Companies "Pitch & Demo" with 10 minutes each and Q&A.
9:10 pm  Twelve Social Enterprises, B-Corps, Co-ops, Non-Profs, etc.
9:20 pm Open Mic/Judges Convene & Networking
9:50 pm Awards - Gifts - Swag - Networking until closing time...

== Demo Prize Options == 

1) Nomination for Dr Kroko Master Class Innovation Weekend StartUp Bootcamp @ Draper University this June 27, 28, & 29th.                                                                                                                                                                 

2) Nomination for F50 Season 5 $1MM Global Competition 

3)Nomination for Startup Next pre-acceleration program 

4) Nomination to Campaign Specialist at Indiegogo for strategic planning of crowdfunding campaigns 

== Volunteers == 

A Big Thank You, to all the Angels, Volunteers, Speakers, Presenters, StartUp Founders, Sponsors, Organizers, and Co-Organizers, for this Angel Party, and for all the future Angel Capital Network events in Seattle, locally in your neighborhood, and globally...


Up to the minute SEC rules and regulations are published, and you can read up on the latest and up-to-the-minute information regarding JOBS Act regulations and implementation that can be located and consulted at the SEC website: 

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