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Speaking English as a second language and want to improve your skills? We can help! Join us for formal and informal classes for non-native speakers of American English, led by a very experienced trainer. Identify your strengths and opportunities for growth. You'll leave each class with new knowledge and skills that you can use in your daily life to be understood more easily and to work towards the same level of fluency you have in your native language.

Our goal is to help you communicate as fluidly and easily in American English as you do in your native language by providing high-quality instruction and resources.



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If you are an American English coach (or would like to become one) and would like more information, you can find more information about our method and training programs here: www.RuppMethod.com.

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American English Pronunciation & Language Class

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Meet new friends while gaining confidence in your speaking skills. You can expect a class that is welcoming, flexible, interactive, and informative. Leave each class with concrete knowledge and skills you can use to improve your fluency in American English.

This class is a great fit for those with high intermediate to advanced language skills. We'll work on pronunciation, grammar, and phrasing, focusing on what members need. This means that we will listen to the students who come to class and work on real-time problems.

Learn more about Voices of the World and our unique approach here: www.VOTWtraining.com.

Reach out with any questions. We're happy to help!

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American English Pronunciation & Language Class

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