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Amp up your "greentech" ecosystem! If you are focused on cleantech, climate change, sustainability (etc.) AND are anywhere in the startup ecosystem, amp up your activities with new connections!

Who's in the ecoystem? Startups, entrepreneurs, ideators/potential cofounders, impact investors, angel investors, venture investors, grant-funders, tech partners, incubators, accelerators, platform-providers, retail investors, accredited investors, etc.

Who's in "greentech"? Anyone using a systems design approach to decrease waste, inefficiency, environmental and human costs, improve human and/or environmental "flourishing*", innovate, and implement viable solutions to real world problems is part of this community. You could be in clean energy, cleantech, environmental (carbon, P.E.S., plastic) credits, smart cities, ecotourism, smart mobility, green building, energy efficiency, etc. You could be a fund, financial advisor, B-Corps, for-profit, non-profit, or as-yet unincorporated.

Why did I launch this Meetup?

Systems thinking, even cleantech startups, has seemed to be under-valued by investment professionals (though not necessarily by investors). In my experience as an I-banker and institutional investor, systems and processes that created non-financial impact were viewed as superfluous, even when they underscored companies' values or positioning. To grow, anything to do with systems design was sloughed off, being deemed uncommercial. As a result, business-as-usual (BAU) has remained the dominant paradigm (i.e. linear analysis of value chains where "value" is defined by production and consumption only). Times are changing but institutional barriers erected by us gatekeepers seem to be keeping the pace of change slow and pinned to BAU methodologies, despite what seems to be demand by investors. I created this Meetup to explore whether there's a viable alternative - and if so, to accelerate its growth.

Secondly, there are many entrepreneurs, innovations, and ideas that employ systems thinking to create resilient solutions - within and beyond cleantech. I'd like to draw those groups that don't necessarily fit directly within the definition of "cleantech" into conversations with those that do to build even more impactful systems and ecosystems.

If any of this resonates with you and your passion and endeavors are about sustainability and ground-up innovation, come amp-up the alternative ecosystem with me!

PS: If you want to help organize now or in the coming months, please let me know.

*"Flourishing", here, was a reference to Martin P. Seligman's work (https://ppc.sas.upenn.edu/people/martin-ep-seligman) in Positive Psychology. I have used it in this sentence to encompass parallel goals, insofar as is possible, for the environment and nature.

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