What we're about

We are a group mostly consisting of students and beginning researchers in artificial intelligence. We are interested in how to build safe artificial intelligence and regularly have reading meetups with in-depth discussions about this. Papers and blog-posts we discussed so far were about the following:

- Expert predictions about the arrival of artificial general intelligence.

- The "Concrete Problems in AI Safety" paper. In particular:

- Negative side-effects in reinforcement learning and solution attempts through "Relative Reachability".

- The "Agent Foundations" framework of the Machine Intelligence Research Institute.

Join our in-depth reading meetups for people interested in working on aligning algorithms with human values.

Past events (9)

Discussion: AI Safety via Debate

Project Room B1.19A

Discussion: Iterated Amplification

Project Room B1.19A

Discussion: Adaptive Mechanism Design

Project Room B1.19C

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