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The Lean Design System: How to create a Design System on the fly

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The Lean Design System: How to create a Design System on the fly


Do you ever feel like you just don’t have enough time to create that Design System you would love to have? That’s a shame because Design Systems are very useful. However, making a Design System when you’re busy in a scrum process is difficult.

Today we will share two Design System cases with you. One from Effectory and other from Greenchoice.

18:00-19:00 Dinner & Drinks
19:00-19:30 Talk 1: Design System for an employee journey portal @Effectory
19:30-20:00 Talk 2: The Lean Design System of Greenchoice
20:00-20:20 Q&A session with Martijn, Sander, Anna and Patrick
20:20 - 21:00 Networking & drinks

🍷 Thanks to Effectory, food will be served at the meetup, with omnivore, vegetarian and vegan options.

👉 TALK 1: Design System for an employee journey portal @Effectory
Martijn and Sander are the two product designers from our host Effectory. They will share their story of setting up a design system for an employee journey portal. With only two designers for 3 dev teams there’s a strong need for the design system to speed things up and not slow them down. They will share their best practices and their struggles.

Martijn van der Wardt is an experienced Digital Product Designer with a passion for wood.
Sander van Mourik is a product designer with many years of product ownership under his belt.

👉 TALK 2: The Lean Design System of Greenchoice
Patrick and Anna will walk us through how they created a Design System ‘on the fly’ for Greenchoice, the most sustainable energy supplier of The Netherlands. They will share:
- How it all began and how they convinced stakeholders that they needed a Design System;
- Which steps they took to create a lean Design System;
- Who was involved at each step;
- What the Greenchoice Design System looks like and how it grows;
- How the System is integrated into the production environment;
- How Greenchoice combined building the Design System with other ‘scrum’ work.

Patrick Teulings ( is a Design System Developer at Angi Studio.
Anna Botsvine ( has 18 years of experience as a product designer and is a founder of the Angi Studio, a design agency in The Hague.

This talk will be interesting for UX designers, UI designers and front-end developers who are just starting with a Design System.
Singel 126-130 · Amsterdam, NH
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