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162 people went


A recent Nature article announced that the AI software AlphaGo had beaten the European Go Champion Fan Hui 2p by 5-0 last October. The makers from Google DeepMind then challenged the World Go Champion Lee Sedol 9p to a match (prize money 1 million dollars). This match will be played from 09 - 15 March, and is eagerly anticipated by Go players and machine learning researchers, often with opposing opinions on the outcome.

Amsterdam Data Science and the UvA/VU Master AI programme are organising a seminar during this historical event on

Thursday 10 March [masked]), Room C1.110 at Science Park 904, UvA

Two games will already have been played by then so we may have an inkling of the match outcome…


Dr. Leo Dorst (IvI, UvA) The Background on Go - What is Go? Why is it hard for humans and machines? How much stronger is Lee Sedol 9p than Fan Hui 2p?

Professor Max Welling (IvI, UvA): Machine Learning Techniques & AlphaGo

Followed by a video selection of professional Go players – Evaluation of the strengths and weaknesses in their games

Forum discussion session

'Borrel' enlivened by instructive demonstrations by the Amsterdam Go Club

Who should attend? People familiar with Machine Learning, but new to Go.

Further info:

During the first game on 09 March, the Nederlandse Go Bond organises an early morning live event (05:00-10:00) at EGGC Amstelveen, with live analysis and background information. In Dutch, for go-players, see: https://www.gobond.nl