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Do you think the Internet, and maybe even society, should be more decentralized? If so, this group is for you. The plan is to go over multiple facets of where decentralization applies from artificial intelligence to societal benefits. In each meetup, we will talk about technologies and innovations that use decentralization and p2p to give you more control over your digital life.

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February edition: Cryptoeconomies & blockchains

Da Costaplein 12

## February: Cryptoeconomies & blockchains A big part of decentralization efforts is the decentralization of financial systems. Cryptocurrencies exploded into the mainstream knowledge few years ago and then promptly crashed. In February edition of AMS Decentralize we will take a look at cryptoeconomy and blockchains. The upcoming evolution from our current fiat-based economy to cryptoeconomy will create tremendous opportunities but also possibility to ruin your financials. So, it is important to understand at least the basics of cryptoeconomies work. ## What you will learn We will start with a quick ~15 minute introduction to cryptocurrencies and blockchains for those not familiar with them. Then we will take a look at the fundamental challenges with cryptoeconomies and blockchains. That leads us nicely into discovering what sort of tradeoffs and compromises different crypto-projects are making to make their system work. We will wrap it all up by talking about what decentralization of monetary system would actually mean in practice for all of us. ## How to participate Location will be announced later. It will be somewhere near Amsterdam center. We have limited amount of seats available and January meetup was fully booked, so if you are interested, I recommend you reserve your spot now. See you at the meetup, Marko

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Redux: Crash course to decentralization & p2p

Da Costaplein 12

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