Redux: Crash course to decentralization & p2p


!! January's crash course event had a lot of people in the waiting list, so here the second chance to go through the crash course to decentralization.

## Crash course to decentralization

Do you want to learn how decentralization benefits you, how it works, and why it matters?

## What you will learn

Decentralization has the power to reshape the tech landscape radically. The consequences of technological decentralization will reverb throughout societies. Decentralization will affect everything from revolutionizing money to unbundling work to how we communicate with other people.

This crash course will give you a solid foundation for decentralization.

For example, among other things, you will learn ...
- hidden dangers of centralization big tech don't want you to know about
- what are the differences between competing decentralization models
- what are the most well known decentralized technologies
- why decentralization hasn't found mainstream popularity
- what are the surprising challenges with decentralization

The crash course is designed to be understandable for people who are not developers or even particularly tech-savvy. If you know how to use a smartphone, you are well qualified to participate.

After the presentation, Marko Polojarvi will be available for questions.

## How to participate

The date for the meetup is[masked]. The crash course starts at 19:00 and lasts about an hour and a half. Please be on time!

The location is at Da Costaplein 12, 1053ZW Amsterdam.

After the crash course, you are welcome to stay to chat with others.