First Amsterdam Emacs Users meetup

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It has been a while since we created this meetup, so it is about time to meet and share some emacs tricks! Let's have the first our first Emacs users meetup!

The agenda will consist of 3 short talks, with a break in between and enough time after them to socialize.


- The Magitian's hat: a look at Magit features (Jean Rigotti)
Why Magit is the best Git client out there? A tour over the main features and few other tips will show you why this package brought Git interaction to a whole new level for Emacs users.

- SPC as my leader - programming Clojure with Spacemacs
(Erwin Rooijakkers - Clojure Developer)
In this talk Erwin will share the joys of Evil-mode, the CIDER Clojure IDE, structural editing with paredit and refactoring using clj-refactor.

- Machine Learning Narratives in Emacs (Breanndán Ó Nualláin)
MLPrograms is a small but rapidly growing company based in Amsterdam and doing Machine Learning in the insurance industry. All of our data scientists exclusively use Emacs for our Machine Learning work. We will explore the nature of Machine Learning, the MLPrograms approach and how it sets us apart.

See you all soon!

`M-x butterfly`