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June HTML & CSS Meetup

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Gabriel Z.


On June 22nd we will have 2 great talks at Backbase!


• 18:30 - Doors open, with pizza, beer and wine ;-P

• 19:00 - Introduction

• 19:15 - Rafael Lyra

• 20:00 - Break, with snacks and beers

• 20:30 - Niels Leenheer

• 21:15 - Beer, Chat and Bye Bye dear fellows...

CSS Architecture: Organizing your CSS - Rafael Lyra

OOCSS, ACSS, BEM, SMACSS, ITCSS, CSSTYLE, AMCSS or Carbonara? Does your css code looks like a spaghetti? Do you feel stomachache when some change is required? Let's try the taste of some CSS techniques.

Rafael is a Web Developer at Werkspot.

  • Niels Leenheer

HTML is special. Unlike many other languages the browser won’t show an error message when you make a mistake. Sure, that makes it easy to write bad code, but it also allows HTML to be both backwards and future compatible. It allowed the HTML5 specification to extend the existing form field types. It allowed the RICG to create the element. And it forms the basis of Web Components because it makes custom elements possible. And most importantly, it allows the tag, which by definition does absolutely nothing. This talk will explain the concepts behind graceful degradation, progressive enhancement and feature detection, and focus on how to solve practical problems with these concepts.

Niels is a self-professed browser geek. He has been hooked on browsers ever since somebody showed him the original Nexus browser on a NeXT Cube back in the dark ages of the internet. Niels is the creator of ( and runs one of the largest Open Device Labs in the world. He loves procrastinating, collecting weird devices with even stranger browsers, procrastinating, researching obscure browsers and writing bug reports. For his day job he creates web applications for Salonhub.


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See you there dear fellows ;-)

Jacob Bontiusplaats 9 · Amsterdam
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