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The Inner Child Work offers an effective training to re-parent ourselves, to stop toxic programming and get over the devastating consequences of trauma. Many of us tend to ignore or minimize the emotional wounds inflicted on us at an early age, though more often than not the psychological disorders we’ve developed as grown ups are largely related to our childhood. Depression, low self-esteem, codependent relationships, addiction, indecision, fear; there’s an ongoing list of consequential symptoms that seems to grow along with us as we age. We feel that there is something “wrong with us.” Though we are functional we continue to play the roles that we developed in our infancy and act from a place of hurt.

A Rescue Voyage
The vast majority of us grew up in environments in which we were victims of victims. Co-dependent relationships were established and as children we were called on to fill inappropriate roles. One doesn’t have to be sexually or physically assaulted to experience abuse. We need to delve deep in order to understand the depth and seriousness of the damage we were subjected to. Not out of self-pity or to place blame on others, but to validate our lived experience rather than minimize it and to be able to look into the eyes of that scared defenseless child and rescue him/her. To take him out of a toxic environment where he still dwells and embrace him with the unconditional love needed to lead a rich full life in which being our true selves is sufficient.

The Workshop
This workshop is my own adaptation of John Bradshaw’s program for healing the Inner Child. It consists of guided meditations, introspective work, and exercises that connect us to the child we once were and provide a foundation of love and support. We will work through the five phases of childhood in five weekly sessions. We’ll learn to listen and attend to the different needs of our Infant, Toddler, Preschool, School Age, Adolescent, and Young Adult Self in a process to heal old wounds and provide new hope.

Warning: This workshop is NOT for you if:

– You are an untreated victim of physical or sexual violence or severe emotional abuse.
– You are a (recovering) chemical addict without a year of continuous sobriety.
– You do not have permission from your therapist.
– You have been diagnosed mentally ill or have a history of mental illness.

*If you are not sure whether this training is the best option for you, I can offer you a free 15-minute consultation by phone to clarify any doubts.

More info: http://www.patriciavega.nl

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I AM-NESS Danspiritual Workshop by Risa Luna

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After the first three sessions of I AM-NESS workshop series. The participants, who joined me even the last Monday with 31°C, were so enthusiastic about the workshop, that they asked me for more! I am pleased to say that I will be giving four more I AM-NESS workshops this month. A member of the Danspiritual Meetup group reaction after one I AM-NESS session was: "wow! I almost don't have any words to explain this fantastic meetup. The host is such a warm-hearted being, it has been great to work with Risa Luna during the dance. Additionally, the technique itself felt so powerful as it was not only about desiring to be something or to be better at something but the inner work itself was based on fully embodying what one already is and what one, cannot yet see. Highly recommended meetup and I will probably be coming as much as I can...." I AM-NESS DANSPIRITUAL WORKSHOP Monday 1st, 8th, 15th & 22nd of July INFO & Payments ------------------------------------------------------------ I AM-NESS Danspiritual series of workshops uses shamanic dance, affirmations, guided meditations, inquiry work, visualizations, inner child work, connection to the natural world and oracle guidance cards. The ultimate goal of these sessions is guiding you to tap into the energy of the loving and lovable being you are. You can follow one or all of them. It is up to you! Dates: 1, 8, 15 & 22 of July 2019 Time: 19:15 - 21:15. • Doors open 19:00 • Session starts at 19:30 • Sharing and tea 21:00 • We go home at 21:30 (Come on time because we are located on the last floor so getting to the studio will take you around 6 minutes if you haven't been here before.) • Biological drinks and snacks are included in the price. • Optional: Bring a bottle of water. Location: Anamorphic Studio, OT301. Overtoom 301, Amsterdam. Last floor of the building. First studio at the left hand. Contribution: Paid in advance via the bank: 10 euro. At the door: 12 euro. Payments to: P I Vega Boschiazzo NL25 INGB[masked] Your name + I AM-NES + datum you will assist. Help me promoting the event on FB ♥ https://www.facebook.com/events/634810110364215/

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I AM-NESS Danspiritual Workshop by Risa Luna

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