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What we’re about

Welcome at the Meetup-page of the Group for Internatianol Travelers and locals in Amsterdam

Who is organizing the meetup?
We are Sandor and Kaan (occasionally supported by ......??) your organizing team.
Every week we enthusiastically organize a travellers meetup.
Why you ask? We love meeting new people, connection, and making it possible for other people to connection to each other.
What is the history of the meeting?

Originally this meeting was created on the Couchsurfing website for Couchsurfers (this definition includes, travellers, expats, and locals). But why stop there? Good question, we asked ourselves the same question. This brings us to this page, by also reaching out to people trough MeetUp we hope to reach even more people!
What is next!?
I hear you think, "Say no more, this sounds awesome! I'll be at the meeting, but how do I find you?"
There will be people wearing stickers with their names, it is easy to spot them. When in doubt, ask the people behind the bar, they will point you to one of the organizers, and we'll explain everything to you!
We hope to you see you at the next meeting!

Sandor on behalf of the organizing team.

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