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Cloud Native,Service-Meshed JEE With Istio & Securing Serverless by Breaking in

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* 18:15 Door opens
* 18:30 Food arrives 🍕🍻 (Sponsored by ING)
* 19:00 Talk starts
* Cloud Native, Service-Meshed Java Enterprise With Istio by Sebastian Daschner
* 19:45 short break
* Securing Serverless by Breaking in by Simon Maple (Snyk)

Info about Talks

Cloud Native, Service-Meshed Java Enterprise With Istio

In enterprise software, we see more and more of the cloud native technologies, especially container orchestration and service meshes, emerging and slowly taking over the market. Developers are facing the challenge which technology to choose to implement microservices for a cloud native setting. Java Enterprise has been used for software solutions for a long time and its APIs are well-established in the ecosystem. However, is it possible to develop cloud native, service-meshed Java Enterprise applications that fulfill concerns such as scalability, resiliency, and telemetry — in an effective, manageable way?

This sessions shows how to implement service-meshed applications using Java EE 8 and MicroProfile. We will develop a mesh of microservices, managed by Kubernetes and Istio. We’ll see why especially the Java Enterprise approach fits the concepts behind container orchestration and service meshes well. The session also includes how to integrate the required cross-cutting concerns, such as monitoring, tracing, or resiliency into our applications, where developers have to actively integrate technology themselves and where the platform support us. Especially the cooperation between Java EE and MicroProfile provides a potent technology. All of the time will be spent live-coding while explaining the concepts and solutions.

Sebastian Daschner is a self-employed Java consultant, author and trainer and is enthusiastic about programming and Java (EE). He is the author of the book ‘Architecting Modern Java EE Applications’. Sebastian is participating in the JCP, helping forming the future standards of Java EE, serving in the JAX-RS, JSON-P and Config Expert Groups and collaborating on various open source projects. For his contributions in the Java community and ecosystem he was recognized as a Java Champion, Oracle Developer Champion and double 2016 JavaOne Rockstar. Besides Java, Sebastian is also a heavy user cloud native technologies. He evangelizes computer science practices on, his newsletter, and on Twitter via @DaschnerS. When not working with Java, he also loves to travel the world — either by plane or motorbike.


Securing Serverless by Breaking

Serverless rocks the security boat. Ad hoc servers we don’t manage rid us of certain security concerns, whereas the proliferation of cheap microservices raises others.

In this session, you’ll experience these security concerns live as a vulnerable serverless application is broken into and multiple weaknesses are exploited. You’ll leave the session with a better understanding of the mistakes you can make, their implications, and how you can avoid them.

Simon is the Director of Developer Relations at Snyk, a Java Champion since 2014, JavaOne Rockstar speaker in 2014, Duke’s Choice award winner, Virtual JUG founder and organiser and London Java Community co-leader. He is an experienced speaker, having presented at JavaOne, JavaZone, Jfokus, DevoxxUK, DevoxxFR, JavaLand, JMaghreb and many more including many JUG tours. His passion is around user groups and communities. When not traveling, Simon enjoys spending quality time with his family, cooking and eating great food.