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[Utrecht] Performance problem prevention & Serverless voice controlled fan

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Vladimir D.



- 18:00 Walk-in & pizza 🍕🍻 (Sponsored by Rabobank)
- 18:30 "Automated and learning performance problem prevention" by Jeroen Borgers (Rabobank)
- 19:15 short break
- 19:30 "Keeping your head cool with a serverless voice controlled fan" by Paco van Beckhoven (OpenValue)
- 20:15 Drinks & snacks

Info about Talks

Automated and learning performance problem prevention

Many problems in production are caused by insufficient attention for non-functional requirements like performance and availability. The root cause is the difficulty to make those problems visible before they hit us in production. Load tests, profiling and heap analyses take much effort and slow down the release cycle. Therefore, we need a way to get quick visibility of performance problems and a short feedback loop.

We found this way by utilizing what we learned so far from code reviews, load tests with various analyses and production problems. We documented the problem + solution items and automated our code reviewing by creating custom PMD/Sonar checks for Java code, 55 at the moment. We worked on this for the last 5 years and Rabobank will donate this work into open source for you to benefit.

In this presentation I will talk about the custom code checks and how we use them to prevent performance problems. I’ll show actual problems that occurred in production and how they lead to custom checks which are now active.

I will explain the risks of the defects and how to fix them. Additionally, I will explain the steps to come from production problem to automated check: to grow from re-active to pro-active; how you can benefit and how you can contribute.

About Jeroen Borgers:
Jeroen is principal consultant at jPinpoint and director at Profactive. He has extensive experience in the field of application performance and enterprise Java. He has worked many years as a senior consultant for numerous organisations in various industries, as developer, architect, team leader, quality officer, mentor, auditor, performance tester, tuner, troubleshooter and trainer. He provides the Accelerating Java Applications open training twice a year.

Keeping your head cool with a serverless voice controlled fan

Do you also wake up sweating during those hot summer nights, but you are too lazy to get out of bed to turn a fan on?
Using serverless with Firebase Cloud Functions, Google Assistant, a Raspberry Pi and a bit of wiring I turned my old fan in a state of the art fan with voice control and automatic temperature regulation.
Now I enjoy the luxury of no longer having to get up to turn it on/off when it's too hot, cold or noisy.

In this talk I will show you how easy it is to give your fan a second life while you are living a more luxurious life.
Additionally, I’ll provide some background on serverless and show you how to create your own custom voice commands for the google assistant.

About Paco van Beckhoven:
Perfectionist. Software Engineer. Likes to make things move using code and some electronics. Challenges the world and the software around him.
Rabobank Hoofdkantoor
Croeselaan 18 · Utrecht
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