Don't Quit Your Day Dream


Did you know that you can create neuro-pathways in your brain that create opportunities in your life?

Creative imagination is highly under-rated as a tool of personal and professional development. Both Albert Einstein and Thomas Edison regularly engaged day dream brain waves to enhance their productivity and awaken the genius within.

Join us for this workshop where you'll learn how to shift from conscious brain waves (beta) to subconscious brain waves (alpha or theta) as you playfully engage an aspect of your life you'd like to improve.

This workshop will include interactive learning about how to change your brain waves on command, an understanding of how to engage your subconscious to empower your life, and an opportunity to begin the creation of something new for your own professional or personal development.

With a simple, playful practice, you'll bring your own inner genius to the surface of your life.

Join us and find out how this simple tool can change your life!