• Travel Photography Workshop

    Megan Alter Photography


    In this three part workshop you are invited to experience the steps for preparing and executing a successful photography trip. The mission of this workshop is not only for you to learn theory, but to put that theory into practice and go home with a unique photo series. Understand how to photograph and present your results in way that expresses the energy of the destinations you visited. -Create and work with a shot list. -Discover the method for creating a photo series as well as how and when to incorporate text. -Develop a photographers-eye, find the right motive and think outside the box. -See your travel destination through your camera's eyes and be inspired by famous travel photographers. -Create meaningful images that tell a story. Instructors: Jan, Megan. Class Size: 11 students Language: English Gift Certificates Available: Yes DATES: Preproduction Meeting: Jan. 15th, 19:30-20:30 Shooting day: Jan. 19th, 13:00-16:00 Review Session: Jan. 22nd, 19:30-20:30 Price 135 EUR + BTW SIGN-UP NOW- https://meganalter.com/travel-photography-workshop-amsterdam/

  • Photography Basics Course

    Megan Alter Photography

    This Amsterdam based photography course will teach you how to get the most from your digital camera by understanding the basics of photography. The mission of this course is not only for you to learn theory, but to put that theory into practice. Be more in control of your camera and get the results you want. - Use a digital camera to create well-composed images with proper exposure and color balance. - To understand the basic concepts of Shutter Speed, Aperture and ISO - To create an exposure in the manual mode - The creative techniques of depth of field and movement control - To recognize and work with Fluorescent, tungsten and daylight - The techniques of dealing with bright light and lack of light situations, including night photography. - To make use of available light, built-in flash, and use a tripod or other stable surfaces to solve low light issues. For this course, please sign-up at: https://meganalter.com/photography-course/ Full 6 class course (5 classes & 1 field trip) Digital Photography Basics 20 pages course booklet Access to our photography references and instructional video Price 325 EUR + BTW

  • Advanced Photography Course

    Megan Alter Photography

    AMSTERDAM'S ADVANCED PHOTOGRAPHY COURSE. DISCOVER YOUR VOICE, DEVELOP YOUR PORTFOLIO. The mission of the Advanced Photography Course is to develop your portfolio while improving technique. This is the follow-up course to the Photography Basics. Here we build-on and practice that knowledge while going deeper into areas such as portraits, street, macro and travel photography. Like always we will learn by doing, in the heart of Amsterdam. -Explore different areas of photography in order to improve your skills and understand which areas interest you the most. -Discover what sets your photos apart by realising your unique perspective. -Increase your technical and creative problem solving abilities when approaching a shot. -Learn the steps involved in planning and executing a photo shoot & working with a model -The art of series and portfolio creation For this course, please sign-up at: https://meganalter.com/advanced-digital-photography-course/ Full 6 class course (5 classes & 1 photo shoot) Price 325 EUR + BTW

  • Real Shoot Experience Modeling Workshop

    Megan Alter Photography


    This Spring 2019, our Real Shoot Experience: shooting models edition, will dive into working with professional models and give you the chance to experiment with Portrait and fashion photography. In this event, we will give you pro tips for shooting people and movement to help you create impressive images. We will also show you how to create a mood board and work with natural light which will help you direct the models on the ground for lifestyle shots using props. Does the idea of working with models excite you? Would you like to take your creative ideas to the next level? Fire your shutter in a 4-hour, intensive, real live shoot experience. You are invited to reign, guided by pro’s, while learning advanced habits, tricks, and tools by doing and observing. We shoot at dynamic locations with an array of props and professional lighting, all laid out. Our TV and movie themes combined with a team of amazing models, styling, and make-up will give you the perfect chance to create beautiful images. Price: € 250 excl. BTW PRE-PRODUCTION MEETING - May 13th This date is to help everyone prepare and get great results. We will give tips and tricks as well as instructions of how to avoid common mistakes. We will teach you how to prepare a mood board for the day as well as explaining exactly what to expect for the day in terms of models, location and shooting times. THE WORKSHOP - 18th The workshop will have 2-3 models and each model will be in a different setting. You will get instruction and a chance to work with each model. REVIEW MEETING - May 20th Here you will bring your results from the event and we will give you feedback and retouching advice. We will also give a short demo in Lightroom and Photoshop illustrating the most important techniques. For more information, please see: http://meganalter.com/photo-workshop/