Svelte meetup: preprocessors, migrating to SvelteJS + FREE ticket to JSNation

Amsterdam SvelteJS meetup
Amsterdam SvelteJS meetup
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Welcome to the 3nd edition of the SvelteJS Amsterdam meetup.

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## Story of migrating to Svelte ##
By Vace Kupecioglu
Notes on incrementally converting a "legacy" application to Svelte/Sapper one component at a time.
* The way we approach to components
* The way we test them
* Challenges and workarounds

## Svelte preprocessors and how to write them ##
By @swyx (
Svelte is a superset of HTML - but what if we don't want to write HTML? In this live code talk we explore how Svelte preprocessors work, letting you write Sass, Pug, and even TypeScript inside of your Svelte components!

## Using actions to integrate external libraries ##
**Cancelled, this talk will be done next time**

## Ticket to JSNation Live giveaway ##
Join the event and get a chance to win a free entrance ticket to online conference.

## Rules of giveaway##
1 ticket will be chosen randomly by the organiser from the list of people subscribed to attend the event on (here🙂) before 18.00 CEST.

✉️ Contact
If you have any questions about the SvelteJS community, or willing to support us as a company and sponsor the next event – reach me at [masked] or twitter: @shershen08

Proceeding of the meetups (slides, videos) you can find here: