Come and join us on the GraphQL hack day!


Hello Rubyists! Come and join us on the GraphQL hack day!

During the day we’ll be hacking on GraphQL-ruby powered projects together with Robert Mosolgo (GitHub), the author of graphql-ruby! In the evening there will be drinks, and GraphQL-themed talks by various GraphQL implementers. GraphQL is a rapidly growing API technology made by Facebook that is used by companies like IFTTT, Shopify, GitHub, Zendesk. Sounds interesting or are you implementer? Come join us & le us know what you want to hack on here:

09:00 doors open
09:30 kickoff hack day and pitch of the hack topics ( )
12:00 lunch
18:00 pizza
19:00 drinks, presentation by Robert Mosolgo
19:30 show & tell various graphql implementers

Come join us!

** Update

To make sure there's a enough food, drinks, and space to go around, we want to make sure we know how many people to expect. Please update your RSVP if you are unable to make it.

See you in 2 days!