🍁 Autumn Edition: Performance monitoring, quirky JavaScript & more

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After the summer break, the GitNation team is kicking off 2019/20 season and we're back with a new edition of the AmsterdamJS Meetup. This time, we'll discuss performance monitoring, the quirky things you can do with JavaScript, and more.

We have exclusive announcements for our JavaScript community, so get ready for an exciting event!

🍕 The main sponsor of this meetup is Reaktor (https://www.reaktor.com), consultancy and agency services built on exceptional technological competence, and the event is also sponsored by UpCloud (https://upcloud.com), world's fastest cloud server provider.

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🕐 Event Schedule

18:00 - Doors open - snacks, beer, socialization
19:00 - Introduction and announcements
19:10 - 🗣 "Performance monitoring in the project "by Anton Nemtsev
19:40 - 🗣 "I can write my WebScript with no alpha chars"
by Rael Sasiak-Rushby
20:10 - 🗣 "Making Sense of Symbols, Iterables, Iterators and Generators" by Dade
21:00 - After-party in Crea Cafe

## "Performance monitoring in the project" by Anton Nemtsev

Everybody loves to talk about performance and how important it is. But nobody knows how their site is performing and how it's changing with time. Let's find out what we should measure, how we should do it, how to log it and what standards may help us.

About Anton

Frontend developer from 2000 till now. Techlead in Template Monster from 2017 to 2018 years. Speaker at local and international web development conferences.

## "I can write my WebScript with no alpha chars" by Rael Sasiak-Rushby

There's a lot of quirky things you can do in JavaScript, some of them are awesome, some are a bit weird and some straddle the line between the two.

This talk goes into some of the weird things possible in JavaScript, why they're possible and by the end you'll learn that you too can write anything in JavaScript without any alpha characters.

About Rael

Software Engineer at DAZN, part time security enthusiast.

## "Making Sense of Symbols, Iterables, Iterators and Generators" by Dade (https://twitter.com/@dadepo)

Symbols? Generator functions? Iterables? Iterators? If all these sound foreign to you, then this talk will help make things clearer.

It will be an explorative look at some of the new features that got introduced into JavaScript as part of ES6 and how they can be used together to implement the iteration protocols. Which is part of the language that allows us to create custom data structures that can be used with the ""for of"" syntax, spread syntax, destructuring assignment etc.

About Dade

Dade is a Senior Software developer at RIPE NCC. He is the maintainer of ip-num: A TypeScript library for working with ASN, IPv4, and IPv6 numbers


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