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A chapter of mid-atlantic games. One of the most important aspects is doing what is right and abiding by the laws of both virginia and the federal government.

Amtgard of Alexandria is a group for anyone interested in playing the Medieval Combat Sport known as Amtgard. Amtgard is a non-profit, non-sectarian group dedicated to bringing the swords and sorcery genre alive through the use of foam padded replicas of medieval weapons. We are a national organization, with chapters all across the United States and Canada, and meet every week to enjoy friendship, camaraderie, and the most amazing game invented since chess.

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The Truth Cannot be Censored

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An important message to members of Mid-Atlantic Games Amtgardia.com Three years ago, two (2) board members discovered illegal activity including racketeering and tax fraud after working to fix the finances of the organization (finding mishandling of money along with incorrect legal paperwork). Using emergency bylaws the two board members removed all committing illegal activity to save the nonprofit organization - Mid-Atlantic Games - from failing. The initial issue was the incorrect filing of taxes for a LARP kingdom the group was helping. After being approached, an attorney shut down the old company and transferred it to Virginia to start a clean slate and assist in making the group compliant. Because of this, there was an event limit of three (3) events in Maryland a year until taxes were owed to Maryland without a solicitation permit. Individuals chose not to listen and continued to have events in Maryland, increasing the tax issues and damaging the new company despite being informed, putting everyone involved into legal liability. There was a continuance of mixing fantasy/game elements into the group along with other practices of incorrect handling of money, and other issues. The members spent the funds to travel to the 33rd Gathering of Clans, Mayhill, New Mexico to present their findings and offer assistance, instead they were mocked in public yet in private admittance were made behind the scenes. When they would not play ball, they were censored and 'banned' in an attempt to make them silent. Instead of working together to fix the problems so that individuals down the road were not harmed by the negligence, many instead worked to cover up what was occurring. Members of the Colorado LARP company sent a cease and desist to an Amtgard LARP group telling them they could not call their swords 'Amtgard swords' in an attempt to control and bully other people. This was stopped and the group was able to not only have swords but put up an 'Amtgard' banner at the convention for the first time. It was to protect everyone because no group should own what is for everyone. It is not for us to 'control' or 'own', it is for all of the LARP kingdoms to unite under one banner and control themselves. Amtgard LARP is free forever. Despite everything, they continue and will not stop until the truth is made public. This was done to protect everyone and despite what was done, besides the ones who knowingly covered up the issues, the others WILL be protected. Things will be made right legally and protect those who play in the future. Amtgardia.com contains a lot of the up to date information. As additional court cases come to light, the evidence will continue to be shared.

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The Truth Cannot Be Censored

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