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PLEASE NOTE THAT OUR LOCATION HAS CHANGED! We meet every week at Saladino Park in Brandon. People tend to start trickling in around 11, and fighting starts around 1. We usually begin with some practice, and then a game called "ditching". What to expect your first time out: - Amtgard is free! - You don't need to bring anything, except a drivers license or other form of valid ID (you have to sign a waiver and we need to confirm your identity). You could also bring water, although we do have water for sale for $0.50 as well as gator-aid for a little more. - We have loaner gear free of charge. - It wouldn't hurt to let us know you're coming so we can keep an eye out for you and be sure to make you feel welcome. Otherwise, just walk up, tell someone you're new, and ask to speak to one of the officers. - Your first time out, an officer will have you sign a waiver, teach you the rules and will probably assign a mentor you can shadow. We love seeing new players, so bring your friends, and come see what we do!

Saladino Park

1705 S Bryan Rd · Brandon, FL

What we're about

Falling Fire is part of Amtgard, a world-wide, free-to-play medieval fantasy combat sport, Arts & Science (crafting) community. We are often known as a LARP or Live Action Role Play.

Although our group tends to focus on the sport and combat aspects of Amtgard (and produces some of the best fighters in the region), our members are active in many activities including costuming, armor crafting, cooking, and painting.

Amtgard combat uses safe, padded weapons and shields which are simulations of the real thing, and offers a fast-paced, high-cardio workout.

We meet every Sunday in Brandon to enjoy friendship, camaraderie, and open war. We welcome new members, so feel free to ask questions, and come out in person to see what we're all about!

Amtgard is family friendly. All children under 18 must be supervised and accompanied by an adult or guardian.

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