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It is my hope to start an annual haunted house in Chesterton. Why? Because I love this stuff. My family has done it several years and have lots of props, scenes and equipment. Our scenes tend to be more immersive and interactive with improv acting and lots of sound and automated effects. We just haven't found a local group of like-minded haunters. We are not looking to get rich. This could be for a local fundraising event, charity or community organization. We just need a space and some organizers. We really just need a reason :) We've done a morbid gameshow, a haunted asylum, a quarantined infectious disease center, electric chair, jail cell, exorcist scene.. along with all the standard fare of constructing hallways and themed rooms etc. So if you are thinking of making something, have a cause to raise money for or have a place that would be ideal... please contact us to begin planning. Let's get it rolling.

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