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Our daily lives give us the perfect scenarios for our awakening. We encounter exactly what we need, every day, for our own spiritual growth, inner development and integration. No need to go live in a cave, our modern lives--exactly as they are--create our uniquely designed classroom, specifically for our own spiritual evolution.

Emotions, stresses, triggers, and situations that repeat themselves throughout our lives are guideposts, pointing us toward what it is we need to integrate. Through mindfulness practices, meditation, shadow work and listening practices, we can begin to unravel ourselves from believing we are our thoughts and begin living free from past conditioning.

With integration comes wholeness, or embodiment. Integration helps us learn how to take responsibility for our lives by learning how to respond to life, rather than react. As we take responsibility, we move ourselves and the planet towards a continuous and more consistent awakened state.

We will meet six times over the course of three months, discussing and integrating topics such as:

» Developing a mindfulness practice based in real-life
» Recognizing all aspects of your life from a divine perspective
» Discovering your vast inner connection to higher conciousness
» Understanding the messages the universe is sending you
» Developing your power of discernment, intuition and forgiveness
» Graditude for real people practice
» Experiencing deeper creativity, spaciousness, and innovation
» Connecting and cultivating a Stay-Listening relationship with a fellow student to enhance the transformative ability of listening deeply

This is a 6-meeting workshop. The cost for the workshop in full is $250, or $50 per class. If a certain class can not be attended in person, recordings will be available.

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Sixth class, Wednesday, 12/5

Opening to Life

Fifth class, Wednesday, 11/21

Opening to Life

Fourth class, Wednesday, 11/7

Opening to Life

Third class, Wednesday, 10/17

Opening to Life


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