What we're about

Our Mission: To provide quality education, training, and research for individuals to develop to their fullest potential on all levels.

This group was created for people in the Anaheim and Orange County community to meet, discuss, & experience a variety of topics & tools that are searching for truth and unity of mind, body, and spirit through scientific, metaphysical, and inspirational gatherings.

We Offer Classes, Lectures, and Events on:
-Psychic Development
-Guided Meditation
-Drum Circles
-Feng Shui
-Gems & Crystals

Established in 1962. Wanting to pursue the spiritual aspects of his life, Walter Tipton prayed and asked for guidance. After an inspiring dream, the vision of his path with Lola became clear and the Psynetics Foundation was formed. Walter's ideals were that the organization should be one without dogma. The understanding was that everyone is learning and growing, and everyone is the Truth. Walter believed that with people pulling together and helping one another, the foundation would serve its purpose of providing space to share and exchange ideas and concepts; for everyone as "student" and everyone as "teacher". In August 1994, the name was officially changed to The Learning Light Foundation. Today, over 50 years later, the Learning Light Foundation has managed to uphold its mission and creed, and stand as a foundation to find one's truth.

Upcoming events (4+)

Tarot Certification Course (In-person)

1212 E Lincoln Ave


Tarot Course is an eight-class course with Carl Young. Each of the classes will begin with a psychic development meditation, proceed into a Tarot topic lecture, and conclude with a Tarot practice reading session.

This in-house class will begin at 6:30 pm-8 pm - continuous on Wednesdays.

To purchase your admission online:

Or pay in person at our bookstore.

Once all eight classes have been completed, the student will receive a certificate.

**Students can enter the class at any point in the eight-class rotation!**

The topics are as follows:

Week 1: Major Arcana

Week 2: Suit of Pentacles

Week 3: Suit of Wands

Week 4: Suit of Swords

Week 5: Suit of Cups

Week 6: Hebrew numerology

Week 7: The Seven Hermetic Principles

Week 8: Qabalah Tree of Life

Dancing with the Breath: A Mindfulness Flow Followed by Breathwork

1212 E Lincoln Ave


Wed Oct 27,[masked]:00 PM - 8:15 PM
Purchase tickets online:

What if one was able to fully release what no longer is serving them through movement. Through the dance meditation we will fully express ourselves and through breathwork we will allow whatever needs to be released to be fully released.

My name is Benji Garcia, I am a breathwork facilitator, subconscious mind coach, and mindfulness master. I specialize in helping people fully express themselves through movement and help those fully release what no longer serves them through the breath and hacking the subconscious mind.

Healer's Studio

1212 E Lincoln Ave


Facilitated by Master Healers Linda Matyja and Joseph Moreno

Every Thursday starting October 7th
$20 for 45-minute Group Healing Session
Healings start at 7:00 p.m.
Please be prompt!

This is a great way to explore and experience a variety of Healing modalities if you are new to energy healing. Healings are a great way to stay connected to your mind, body, and spirit each week by giving yourself the gift of love and light.

First come, first serve! Ticket sales begin when the bookstore opens at
5:00 p.m. Tickets cannot be purchased for others and appointments cannot be booked in advance with specific healers. However, the Facilitators do try to oversee that all healing requests are fulfilled as much as possible during the evening.

We thank all VOLUNTEER Healers for giving back!

If you are a Healing Arts Student* of at least Reiki level II, Practitioner* or Master Healer* and would like to give back to our Community, come join us at 6:30 p.m. for more information and an opening mediation!
Please bring your certifications.*

Crystal Crash Course

1212 E Lincoln Ave


Facilitated by Vince Jensen
Saturday, October 30, 2021
Cost: $20 with $10 material fee
To pay online:

This 90-minute class dives headfirst into the basics of crystals as they relate to the chakras, elements, and human body. Straight to the point uses for each color of crystals to these areas as well as information on the different shapes of crystals and their meanings and uses. Clearing, charging, programing, and other care and use topics will be provided including practicing a crystal intention program for each crystal. Material fees cover a set of 7 crystals to be used and practiced within the class as well as a reference chart for use during and after the class. Additional chart of my original picks of the must have crystals (now rebranded as Learning Light’s picks)

Vince is Learning Light’s resident crystal expert! Vince has been on his spiritual journey for over 10 years, which has ultimately culminated in his current position as the General Manager of Learning Light. He worked at LLF for 6 of those years, as bookstore staff, programs coordinator, and fair coordinator. During that time, he expanded his spiritual gifts by learning from some of Learning Light’s most talented teachers. So far, he is certified in reiki, tarot, and feng shui. He looks forward to continuing to grow into his fullest potential, and hopes to help others do the same!

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Readers Development Studio

1212 E Lincoln Ave


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