What we're about

Individuals wanting to improve their Basic Spanish Skills to a point where they can converse in Spanish. All meetups will be "Spanish Speaking Only" and Native Spanish Speaker(s) will attend to ensure proper Spanish is being spoken. New discussion subject given each meetup to facilitate learning.

The Meetup Fee is 100% given to the Native Spanish Speaker who is facilitating our Meetup.

We will meet 2 - 4 times per month, and ask that all members assist in identifying places where the meetups can be held (depending on number of attendees). If Meetup is held in private home, please be respectful and do not attend if sick and understand it is someones home. Meetings will last approximately 1-2 hours. If held at a restaurant please be prepared to order a small item off the menu to keep the restaurant happy. We will arrange some full day trips where the participants will be expected to converse in Spanish for the entire trip.

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