What we're about

If you are interested in film camera and shooting we are the group for you. If you want to learn or re-learn the hows and when of film come on aboard, if you shoot a Super 8 film do it with us.

We are just a couple of guys who wants to explore film once again. So find that old dusty 35mm camera in your closet, grab your Instamatic, Kodak Brownie or what ever you have and join us!

Welcome to the group! This community space is for fans and followers to hang out and shoot together. Please introduce yourself! You're welcome to post any questions or comments you have about film photography and to answer other people's posts too. We're just getting started with this group so this description may evolve as time goes on.

Here are our simple rules that you agree to follow as a member of our community:
1) Please keep posts civil, polite, and on topic. Personal attacks or disparagement are not allowed, ever.
2) Advertising your goods or services is not allowed in posts. If you want to promote your own commercial product or service, please don’t.
3) Questions or issues having to do with your Analog Film - Photography/Video Meetup group can come to either myself (Moses Rodriguez) or Russell Viers.

The group admins are Moses Rodriguez and Russell Viers.

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