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Bringing data enthusiasts together to foster the exchange of ideas and the intellectual growth of the data community. Our meetups cover a wide range of data-centric topics, from technical workshops to presentations of real use cases.

All types of data professionals, scientists, engineers, analysts, and students welcome!

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We partner with companies, schools, and individuals to organize meetups and showcase the work of inspiring data professionals to a broad audience. Get in touch to contribute! (https://pages.dataiku.com/collaborate-with-dataiku-to-uplift-data-science-community)

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Dataiku develops an Advanced Analytics software solution that enables companies to build and deliver their own data products more efficiently. Its collaborative, team-based user interface works for all profiles, from data scientists to beginner analysts, and the unified framework allows for both development and deployment of data projects. Learn more at www.dataiku.com (http://www.dataiku.com/)

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Real-World Reinforcement Learning

Online event

Register for the event here: https://usergroups.dataiku.com/events/details/dataiku-online-events-presents-real-world-reinforcement-learning/#/ Reinforcement Learning (RL) is a computational approach to learning from action: an agent will interact with its environment, learn from it, perform actions, and receive rewards as feedback for these actions. Important progress in the field was recently made in academia, from AlphaStar to OpenAI Dexterity - mainly based on video games. However, since RL provides solutions to sequential decision-making problems, more and more industries are starting to use it. Thomas Simonini (Research Scientist at Dataiku) will discuss the current state of the industry and present some of the latest applications of Reinforcement Learning in business. This virtual session will take place over Zoom and is open to all data skills and levels. After a brief introduction to the main concepts of RL, Thomas will dive into the current industry applications, and share resources & guidelines for anyone who would like to get started in the field. The presentation will be followed by a discussion for all participants to share their perspectives on the topic. Register for the event here: https://usergroups.dataiku.com/events/details/dataiku-online-events-presents-real-world-reinforcement-learning/#/

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Customer Predictive Analytics with MandM Direct

Online event

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