Hands on Session: Intro to Data Science


Hi all,

We're back and we're hosting our first ever FREE hands-on data science training session.

What's this session all about?

Are you an Analytics / BI team leader or an analyst? Or are you or your team members using Excel, SQL or traditional modelling techniques? Then this is the perfect session for you.

The session will give you the opportunity to build your first machine learning project using Dataiku DSS with the help of certified data scientists. Dataiku consultants will be available along the way to talk about your data challenges as well as if and how machine learning could help your business.

This workshop does not require any coding knowledge; participants of all experience levels are welcome to join. The workshop will be followed by networking drinks.

Using a real-life use case and Dataiku's visual interface, participants will learn how to:
- Access different data sources
- Initial analysis of data to understand what we are working with
- Clean and prepare data before modelling
- Train a few machine learning models, then select the best one for the problem at hand
- Score data that the model has never seen before to test the model