Data & Machine Learning for charities


[Free event, please do register]

We hear a lot of spooky stories on how AI could be the end of humanity. But how about data for good ? How can social institutions use analytics to shape a better future ?

In this Meetup, analysts and data scientists from charities are coming to give us insight into their current works on data. From fundraising insights to in-the-field operations, come to learn how established charities use data science within their projects for better decision-making!

Did I mention there would be free pizzas and beers? So here is an appetizer:


Guest #1 : Rachel Kelly, Supporter Insight Lead for Parkinson's UK
« How focusing on people is key to embedding data, analysis and insight work in a business »

Bringing fundraising, psychology and data analysis together at Parkinson’s UK, Rachel helps the Fundraising department embrace evidence-based decision-making.
She will tell us how to better understand the supporters and engage the stakeholders, pushing insight forward into the organisation.


Guest #2 : David Sykes, Data Scientist for DataKind
« Deploying Serverless Machine Learning »

Aside from his work at Octopus Energy, David volunteers for DataKind to support charities with their projects. He will tell us about a machine learning model they've designed with a tech-savvy food bank.


Guest #3 : Nick Sorros, Data Scientist for Wellcome Trust
« Data (to fund) Science »

From his former experience in a tech start-up to his current role at Wellcome Trust, Nick will walk us through the process of building a policy tool for funded research, that gathered the efforts of analysts, data scientists and software engineers across the organisation.


Further details to come. See you there!