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We are a Special Interest Group of TechTitans (the biggest membership based technology association in North Texas - www.techtitans.org) focused on data science, data analytics, insights development and communication. Our events will be focused on high level strategic initiatives and programs in these fields, and will also include technical content when relevant. As many of our events include lunch, breakfast or a reception there will be a nominal fee associated with attending to cover our costs. If you intend to come to multiple events during the year we encourage you to become a member of TechTitans as members receive discounts to attend these and other events and also receive other member-only benefits.

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Managing Bias in Data Sets


(Please note there is a small fee for attending this event to cover expenses. Go to the link below to register and pay) The significant challenge of bias in data sets and particularly data sets used to train AI is no secret. We know that AI, machine learning and deep learning can produce not only inaccurate but potentially disastrous results if training sets are left unchecked. Bias isn’t just a bad data set but can also be the algorithm itself. Optimizing the AI algorithm and constructing data sets to avoid bias go hand in hand. AI holds significant power to improve the way we live and work, but only if AI systems are developed and trained responsibly, and produce outcomes we can trust. In this session we will discuss: • Understand how bias (implicit and unconscious) often makes it into data sets • How to identify bias in a dataset • Strategies to address and extrapolate bias in data sets • Bias in data sets vs bias in the training sets and algorithms themselves • How to avoid perpetuating biases Panelists: Panelists include: Pradyot Prasoon Director, Emerging Technologies and Technology Strategies American Heart Association Hettie Tabor Director, Masters of Science in Business Analytics Southern Methodist University Dwayne Paschell Data Scientist – Machine Learning and AI IDEXX Kalyana Chakravarthy Bedhu Head of AI and Data Innovation Ericsson Group Analytics Discussion Moderated By: Daniel Engels Professor of Practice Department of Computer Science and Engineering Southern Methodist University Please register and pay here: https://business.techtitans.org/events/details/analytics-insights-forum-april-12-4492

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