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A|B Testing as the Driver of Data Driven Product Development
Every time we use Google Search, browse the Netflix catalog or call an Uber we are part of multiple experiments. Our interactions with these services shape the decisions on how these services evolve. With the flywheel of growth in action better service attracts more users, more users generate more data which feed the product development cycle. In this talk we will look behind the scenes of data driven cultures, explore why Google does not (exclusively) rely on user click data for evaluating search ranking experiments and why Netflix optimizes for a single northstar metric. A|B testing is a simple but effective tool for establishing a causal relationship between product changes and the impact on business metrics, but there is a minefield of errors that can easily invalidate the outcomes. Presenter: Jürgen Schwärzler worked as a Data Scientist at Google, Netflix and Uber, providing decision support through performance measurement and A|B testing to software engineering teams. He holds a PhD in Applied Statistics from University of Vienna and recently relocated from California to Switzerland.

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