What Geospatial Brings to Data Science with CARTO

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Analytics & Data Science by Dataiku NY
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Hi there,

Announcing a new Meetup with CARTO, the location intelligence software! We’ll explore spatial data science before diving into a local example on how to communicate data science insights to the public.

What Geospatial Brings to Data Science by Stuart Lynn, Head of Research and Data at CARTO:

In an era of unprecedented amounts of data, powerful methods for interpreting and predicting that data and an ever increasing demand for smart data driven solutions, what can spatial data science add to the conversation. Stuart Lynn, Head of Research and Data at CARTO will discuss how location can add an extra dimension to data science and some of the efforts at CARTO to define just how geographic information systems fits into the data science world.

Data to Inform Community Discussions by Alex Reutter, Data Scientist at Dataiku:

Community discussions can greatly benefit from data insights, but interacting with the public means engaging data laypersons. Earning their trust is a matter of clear communication of concepts that may seem obvious to the data expert, rather than a display of technical prowess. Alex will present a couple of illustrative (and ongoing) cases from his hometown of Burlington, VT.

Speakers' bios:

Stuart is Head of Research at CARTO, a Location Intelligence software company. He initially studied mathematical physics at Edinburgh University before deciding astronomy was prettier and easier to explain in bars and obtained a Ph.D. in astrophysics. He spent 5 years working at the Adler Planetarium as part of the Zooniverse: the largest collection of online citizen science projects.

Alex is a Data Scientist with a background in Bayesian statistics & decision sciences. He joined Dataiku in February 2017, where he acts as the manager for outward-facing data science content. Prior to joining Dataiku, Alex worked on the IBM SPSS product line.


6:00pm: Pizza, beer, & networking
6:30pm: Presentations & Q&A
7:30pm: Networking

PS: Our DataConnect meetups are designed to provide you with insights from a wide range of industry experts, to bring together data professionals and enthusiasts to share insights, lessons learned, best practices, and to discover the latest technologies in the data ecosystem. More info and videos from previous talks: www.pages.dataiku.com/dataconnect-meetups