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The Analytics Network is a special interest group of the professional body, The Operational Research Society. For those with an interest in analytics, in topics such as data science, optimisation, visualisation, Big Data, Regression, Data Mining, Predictive modelling or forecasting, the Analytics Network is intended to be your home within the Operational Research Society (The O.R. Society).

The O.R. Society was established over 75yrs ago, to promote the application of scientific methods to data, to enable decision-making and advice-giving. The O.R. Society has always provided a professional home for those working in both O.R., Analytics and Data Science; this group aims to bring together resources, news, views and information for just that purpose.

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Analytics Network Autumn Event

London Business School

Please register to this event also using the Eventbrite link: http://bit.ly/AnalyticsNetworkAutumnEvent The Analytics Network, part of the Operational Research Society, invites you to join to our next event that will take place at London Business School. On this occasion, we will be hosting three different speakers covering a wide range of topics, each followed by a Q&A. At the end of the event, there will be plenty of time for networking Timetable: 6:00pm-6:30pm Registration with Nibbles & Drinks 6:30pm-8:20 pm Talks 1st Speaker: Marios Michailidis, Data Scientist at H2O Talk:Driverless AI - An AI that creates AI. Many of the things that data scientists do can be automated. In fact automation is critical to achieve higher accuracy because while the machine is "running", the data scientists can focus on more critical aspects of the predictive modelling process to extract the most value from the data. In this talk I will showcase H2O.ai’s Driverless AI approach on automated predictive modelling. 2nd Speaker: David Foster, Co-Founder at Applied Data Science & Author of 'Generative Deep Learning' Talk:Generative Deep Learning - The Key to Unlocking Artificial General Intelligence? The talk will cover a general introduction to Generative Modelling with a walkthrough of one of the most utilised generative deep learning models - the Variational Autoencoder (VAE). The talk will include examples of state-of-the-art output from Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) and Transformer based architectures and also how generative models can be used in a reinforcement learning setting (World Models paper). To finish, David will explain why he believes that generative models will play a crucial part in the quest to build Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) 3rd Speaker: Mark Somers, Managing Director at 4-Most Talk: fAIr Models The talk will cover the points: I. The mathematical attempts to quantify fairness : equal outcome, equal opportunity, equal errors. They cant all be simultaneously satisfied. II. The human attitudes to fair decisions: Counterfactuals, control, closeness and accountability. Why models will require more attention than human decision makers in ensuring fairness. III. The law: different standards for different types of organisation and outcomes. IV. What firms should be doing now to ensure their models are fair V. Some predictions of future trends. 4th Speaker: Samhita Rao, Global Head of Operational Intelligence at HSBC Talk: Braving the new world of data analytics and business intelligence. If you are a leader in an organisation with a tenuous link to data or analytics but have found yourself leading a business intelligence or a data analytics team this talk is for you! Samhita will share her experiences and do’s and don’ts for managers and leaders who have been tasked to lead data analytics/ business intelligence/ data science functions, based on her own successes and mis-steps. She will cover people, process, product and technology aspects in her talk, which she hopes are useful pointers to those leaders leading teams in data analytics and business intelligence 8:20pm-9:00pm Networking & Drinks For more information on the Analytics Network, upcoming events and to sign up to the Analytics Network mailing list to receive news of events similar to this, please visit the following website: http://www.theorsociety.com/Pages/SpecialInterest/AnalyticsNetwork.aspx We look forward to seeing you. Analytics Network, The OR Society

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