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Join us for mantra chanting and collective meditation ☺

People new to meditation welcome as well as experienced meditators! Come and learn an effective and authentic method for meditation.

In all human beings there is one common desire-the constant, restless search for real and lasting happiness, for inner peace. The practical way to fulfill this universal yearning of all humanity, is meditation. Meditation is not a religious but scientific practice of mental expansion to dive deep within our minds and harness the infinite potentiality within us all. During meditation we concentrate on a special vibrating sound called a mantra, like singing a harmonious song, deep within our mind. The mantra provides a focal point for our minds concentration, enabling it to go beyond its restless stream of thoughts and images and become one with that blissful source of universal consciousness from which we have all come.

Scientific research on the psychological effects of meditation shows, that it relaxes the body, lowers the rate of heartbeat and respiration, and induces a calm and alert state of mind characterized by generation of alpha brain waves. During meditation the mind experiences a state of profound rest, even deeper than sleep, and much energy is accumulated for later use in dynamic work in the world. As the mind is gradually expanded and strengthened through the practices of meditation, the meditator experiences many benefits in all aspects of life: heightened awareness, concentration and memory. And increased physical and mental efficiency. In recent studies studies it was found that even after only six months of meditation twice a day, people experienced a decrease in depression hostility and stress, less irritability and the disappearance of their psychosomatic disorders such as colds, headaches and insomnia. The most frequently reported benefit was the ability to think clearly and handle stress. The Meditators said they felt more alert and enjoyed life more than ever before. But Ananda Marga meditation is more than simply a relaxation and concentration technique. Those who meditate regularly experience a more profound feeling of the essential unity with all creation. This deep love for all beings which is awakened through meditation inspires and strengthens our commitment to work for social justice. For the welfare of all. Social change begins with the transformation of individuals : the practice of meditation is the most effective way to create benevolent leaders who will establish a new truly humanistic society on Earth.

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