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Are you seeking inner peace? Would you like to reduce stress and improve your health and well-being? Or would you like to find deeper purpose and meaning in life or discover the secrets of lasting happiness? This Meetup group does all that--and much more. Perhaps you have had questions about meditation, spirituality, or are seeking a deeper connection with the Divine. Ananda is a worldwide community of friends that has helped thousands of people to achieve these goals. We offer support, friendship, and the opportunity to connect with like-minded people from all over the LA area. Ananda is one of the largest and oldest networks of meditation centers and communities in California. We follow the teachings and techniques of Paramhansa Yogananda, author of the best selling spiritual biography of all-time, Autobiography of a Yogi. Ananda was founded by Yogananda's direct student, Swami Kriyananda. No prior meditation experience is required to join or attend. If you do not yet know how to meditate, we will teach you an authentic, scientifically and spiritually proven style of meditation that Yogananda himself recommended and taught; it is an easy-to-learn, yet powerful and profound technique. Skilled instructors with personal life-long practices will help guide you, from sitting comfortably to learning how to calm the mind and the heart. Whether your interest is meditation as a spiritual practice, or for stress reduction and health, you will feel at home in an Ananda meditation and spiritual development gatherings. All are welcome. No prior experience is required. We are ecumenical, non-denominational, non-dogmatic, and all-inclusive for those of every religion, race, creed, color, orientation, or belief. Events are held at locations all around Los Angeles. From Santa Monica to Downtown, from The Valley to the OC, from West Hollywood to Pasadena--and all points in-between. We try to rotate the location of our events as much as possible so that people all over the LA area can easily attend. If you would like us to have an event in your neighborhood, just let us know and we'll try to make it happen!

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Sunday Service

Ananda LA Temple of Light

The Sunday Service includes music, chanting, meditation, an affirmation, and an inspirational talk drawn from the teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda. The service is preceded by a Purificatio Ceremony and meditation. "Sunday mornings at Ananda is the best part of my week. I feel such a deep sense of peace and connection. It’s the perfect way to end the week and get a head-start on the next. It’s such a loving, uplifting environment; I’m just so thankful that you are here." —D.L., Santa Monica "This is what a Sunday Service should be! Inspiring, thought-provoking, calming, joyful—I hope that everyone gets a chance to experience this. All of that during the Service and then getting to connect with all the wonderful people afterwords. I’ve met so many wonderful people there….What a blessing for me and all the people of Los Angeles." –H.R., Los Angeles When: Sundays at 11am (10am for purification ceremony & meditation) Live broadcasts are available for most Sunday Satsangs at the following link: http://www.AnandaLA.tv

Devotional Chanting to Open the Heart

Ananda LA Temple of Light

Come join in devotional chanting to awaken the heart’s natural feeling. Chanting is a great aid to open and uplift your heart and uplift your consciousness. We’ll be sharing chants of Paramhansa Yogananda and his direct disciple, Swami Kriyananda. All are welcome, no experience needed. Donation based. https://www.anandala.org/event/chanting/2019-03-12/

Spiritual Yoga

Ananda LA Temple of Light

Ananda Yoga brings yoga back to its original spiritual essence Exercise and stress relief are only the beginning; the higher purpose of Ananda Yoga practice is to uplift your consciousness. To accomplish that, you’ll work not only withyour body, but also with Pranayama (breathing and energy-control techniques), Affirmations, Yogic meditation techniques, and Applied yoga philosophy. “When you practice the yoga postures, remember that you are not practicing merely a system of calisthenics. You are practicing what might be called ‘meditation in action’: movement meditation, as if you were doing almost a kind of spiritual dance. Remember, this is not sports. You don’t jump into a pose and jump out of it. The way you get into and out of a pose is almost as important as the pose itself. It helps to create a mood, a state of consciousness. Your state of consciousness while doing the poses is a very, very important part of the poses. Because finally speaking, these poses are intended to change your whole being. And that being is a radiation outward from within. What you are within, that you will be without.” All are welcome, including those brand new to yoga postures. Donation based.

Energize Your Life w/Keshava

Ananda LA Temple of Light

Come join us for an hour-long experiential practice where you’ll learn to draw cosmic energy into the body, mind, and spirit through Yogananda’s unique Energization Exercises. After we’ve generated a strong current of energy, we’ll dive into two ancient and transformative mantras, the Gayatri mantra, and the Mahamrityunjaya mantra to help uplift our consciousness. Mantras are a powerful vibrational force, used to help change past bad-habits, free us from negative tendencies, as well as enliven and magnetize our higher natures. To help take the power of the Energization Exercises and mantras deep into the super-conscious mind, where lasting change truly originates, our practice will close with a brief meditation to guide all of the awakened energy and vibratory power to the spiritual eye, the seat of higher-awareness in the body. All are welcome, no experience needed. Donation based. https://www.anandala.org/event/energize-your-life-energy-mantra-and-meditation/2019-03-13/

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