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Osho-Whiterobe Brotherhood: An evening meeting with Master
A loving invitation to be part of Osho white robe Brotherhood: An evening meeting with Master lets meditate n celebrate the life. love n regards Divyam shakti

Anannd Utsav

A-21, Hari Om Tower, Law Garden, Panchvati Road · Ahmedabad


What we're about

Essence of Living

Life is not a race. It is a journey; a trip to celebrate and be at peace within.

Too many of us are lost on the “External Trip”. This outer trip involves the collecting of things, being the wealthiest and the best. But we have become poor within.

Everywhere we turn, we are being limited. We have lost our inner contact. We have forgotten to just “BE”. We have forgotten to be “TOTAL” .Whatever we do is just an action not wholehearted involvement. Our thoughts, future plans are important, but in the race for the future we miss the present; clinging to the past, we miss the present.
Situations and surroundings make us a dead man with suppressed emotions. We go to bed with our heads full of things n thoughts; we have no way of emptying them. This creates an imbalance in our mind and body.

The body is a vehicle and we need to respect it because it carries what is essential.
The main life force for body is ‘BREATH”. Our breath not only reflects our life pattern but it connects to our mind too. As we are moving fast, we are breathing fast. If we tune our breathing pattern, we can create harmony with all three levels – mind, body and soul.

Meditation is just tuning of breaths, slowing down little, being natural, resting at ease and relaxing for a while and recharging your depleted energy cells. It’s not a switch to put off the thoughts but a process which helps us to regulate our breathing patterns and become centered. Here Meditation means relaxing, recharging and celebrating life the way it is. And discovering the real essence of living.

We at Anannd Utsav help u in exploring different techniques of relaxation and meditation and thereby strike a perfect balance with mind, body and soul – helpful to refresh, revitalize and renew your positive energy flow.
Along with meditation, we do practice other healing modalities like Graphotherapy, tarot card reading, Angel Therapy, DNA2 Theta healing, Reiki, Crystal, EFT, Clinical Hypnotherapy etc...

Our whole effort is to give you just a glimpse, to open a window so that u can see the sky with all its colours and sunset. This is Just one step to connect again with the forgotten source and to be natural. Become aware. Each step in awareness has to be step into cheerfulness, playfulness, living each moment of your life in totality. And then, life becomes a continuous celebration, an ultimate bliss.

Then, life becomes “ANAND UTSAV”.

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