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Are cars obsolete? The Future of Sustainable Transportation @ Loussac Library

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Ryan Kennedy has arranged for a speaker to come up from Minnesota to speak on an emerging form of transit called "Personal Rapid Transit" or PRT.

A national expert on advanced transit will be discussing Automated Transit Networks (ATN, also called Personal Rapid Transit or PRT) which is an emerging transportation technology, transportating passengers completely non-stop along a dedicated right-of-way using very little land and
energy. A version of ATN has been successfully operating in Morgantown, West Virginia for more than 35 years, and
new systems are up and running in Masdar City, UAE (2010) and at Heathrow Airport in London (2011).

Kjensmo Walker, of St. Paul, Minnesota, is researcher of advanced transportation concepts and a national expert on the Automated Transit Network (ATN) industry. She has been working in the industry since 2005 and has a degree in Urban Studies from the University of Minnesota.

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