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Edible, Medicinal and Useful Plants Walk plus Stone Age Skills!

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Join our tribe of intrepid Gatherer-Hunters as we explore the incredibly rich biological diversity of George F. Canyon Park in Palos Verdes. Learn what plants to use for a toothbrush, to treat a bee sting, to treat arthritis, to make a fire, to make rope, and much more! And then there's all the stuff you can eat, too! We'll sample the taste of many edibles.

Plan for an easy hike and a FUN day! Chris has been teaching ancient skills for over 25 years and is recognized as one of the top authorities in N. America.

Please bring with you:

notepad and camera if you'd like to record information
comfortable clothing and appropriate footwear for hiking

Course fee is $30. Ask about a family discount.

Afterwards, we'll go to a different location to enjoy a potluck together and practice some firemaking skills. Bring food/drink to share and bowl, cup and utensils. Location to be announced.

(pic) Cooking stinging nettle in a clay pot.