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Wisdom Stones: A Crystal Healing Workshop

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How can we be more aware of the healing properties of minerals and gems surrounding us in our lives every day? How can we listen to their innate wisdom and harness their energetic powers? Wisdom Stones will take you on a journey into the crystal consciousness to explore the healing properties custom tailored to your life experience that will help to guide your own transformation. Learn about how these sacred tools can improve your life as we profile our magical favorites, and receive personal spirit guide readings to help you find the crystals that meet your needs for the highest and best good.

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Facilitated by Mercedes Blue Feather, Alexandra Pyke-Bagrash, and David Bertolacci


Mercedes Blue Feather is a healing facilitator of the ancient school of shamanism, a sound healer, and a soul retrieval meditation master. Mercedes serves by channeling spirit and guiding people toward their highest and best path. She lovingly assists her clients, raising their vibration for transformation, growth and moving forward in their lives. Her journey has been amazing and challenging at times, which makes her highly empathic. Her warm approach to healing immediately puts her clients at ease so they can shift faster. Mercedes Blue Feather is here to help unlock our deepest secrets hidden in our hearts and encoded in our DNA. A devoted catalyst for change, her heart is wide open, and she looks forward to facilitating your journey of expansion and personal development.

Alexandra Pyke-Bagrash is a certified Reiki practitioner and Moon Priestess, who loves to guide others through healing meditations and ceremonies for personal and collective transformation. Through her quest for self-healing practices and modalities, she has acquired a wealth of knowledge about the energetic medicine of crystals, sacred tools from the womb of our Mother Earth. Alexandra’s passion is to share this ancient wisdom through workshops to educate, uplift, and heal others.

David Bertolacci is a Geologist, author, empowering speaker, and transformational leader. His logical methods with a spiritual approach led to the Omniverse model. With the controversial new book entitled Grand Slam Theory of the Omniverse, he made this model into a reality. He continues spreading knowledge through the blessings of the Omniverse as a channel and educator of pure consciousness. His workshops include heart-centering, superconsciousness, and enlightenment through science, using a combination of theta healing and neurolinguistic programming to facilitate healing and transformation.