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Are you looking for a way to reconnect with Spirit? Join us to explore our inner landscape through shamanic journeywork and cross-cultural healing techniques. Using the vehicle of the drumbeat, we will journey to the upper, middle or lower worlds to visit power animals and spirit guides, learn ecstatic body postures, and practice various shamanic healing techniques. Meets the fourth Thursday of each month except in November (which is Thanksgiving).

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Find Your Power Animal

AusetGypsy- A Bohemian Metaphysical Emporium


Find Your Power Animal - Shamanic Journey Study Group Everyone is born with at least one animal totem. We will journey to the spirit world to learn about the spirit animal that guides us from our birth to our death. Come explore with us as we learn about another facet of shamanism through lecture, journeywork and discussion. Bring something to sit on if you like. (Yoga mats are also available.) (Please note that there is metered parking on the street that takes quarters and credit cards.) Cost: $15

Descent of Inanna Sweatlodge

Old Bridge Township


"From the Great Above, Inanna opened her ear to the Great Below" Join us for a sweat lodge based around the Sumerian myth of the Descent of the goddess Inanna to the Underworld to find her stolen lover Dumuzi. Pass through the seven gates with Inanna. The gates of life and death are opened, you are conceived, the dead walk and to the living is revealed the mystery. After researching sweat rituals practiced in different cultures, Hands of Change has come up with a draft ritual for an eclectic/pagan sweat ceremony. Drawing strongly from the Native American sweat lodge, we view the sweat ritual as both a microcosm of the universe and a symbol of the earth mother’s womb. It is a purification ceremony, with the sweat participant symbolically re-created; spiritually reborn, as a result of the sweat ritual. Please note, a second lodge will be run in the evening if there is enough interest. For more information: handsofchange.org/ishtarfest

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Alchemy, Fire & Celtic Shamanism

Auset Gypsy Metaphysical Emporium


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