What we're about

Working from home can be isolating. Sometimes we need the energy of being with other people who are working. I am not looking to set up a networking meetup. This is NOT a place to get new business.

I am looking to provide an opportunity for people who have successful businesses and work from home to join each other in a coffee shop or restaurant to work or have old-fashioned water cooler talk. Kind of a weekly informal WeWork (shared collaborative workspace).

I expect it to work a little differently than others on here. If the group gets big enough, I'd like people to be able to post something like: "Hey, I'm going to work at Cafe Nero from 10 - 12. If anyone feels like joining me, do so." I am the leader but I'm looking into whether other people can also meet without me being involved---when they feel like they need work company.

I'm open to thoughts and suggestions.

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